The Words of the Yamane Family

At Home In Portland

Patrick Yamane
November 26, 2005

Today, Sunday 20th of November, Satoshi-san, Ju, Adonia, and Katarina's teams visited the Portland church where we had visited two weeks ago. After the good experience we were able to have on our last visit, everyone was pretty excited about being able to go back today. Trying to keep in mind the Captains' directions to remember that we are going there to give rather than receive, everyone was high spirited in the morning as we gathered at a park to practice--what else--"New Song of Inspiration" to sing for the church. Despite a handful of flat notes, it came pretty well, but of course it's the heart that counts, right?

We then headed off to the church just down the road. Having been there already, we could feel so comfortable joining their congregation. The atmosphere of the already high-spirited group was only enhanced with the help of STF. After the congregational songs, we offered our song, and Katarina's team offered their lively dance to Hyung Jin Nim's rendition of "Ole, Ole, Ole!", both of which they really seemed to enjoy. Since we weren't giving any kind of STF presentation today, our sincerity and heart in our offering to them and in everything we did today was very important. Though a beautiful presentation and heart-moving testimonies can do a lot to give people a feel for STF, in many ways, what we can show people through our actions and the heart we invest is just as important. So, we really tried to practice this today.

After our offering was finished, Rev. Moon Shik Kim gave the sermon entitled, "Today's Providence and the Culture of Heart", which basically discussed the heart and motivation behind most of the major events and proclamations Father has made since the age of Cheon Il Guk began--a heart that especially as Second Generation is important for us to connect to since we are the ones who are called to help establish this. Though we had planned to do some kind of activity with the Second Generation this afternoon, most were not able to make it, so our chance during lunch to reach out and invest into the people was very important. After lunch was over, we went back to the park where we played soccer as a group along with a few sec. gen. that were able to come. Though there weren't too many people there to give to, hopefully we could help that few feel especially comfortable as part of the STF family.

That night, we were all invited by Uncle Randolph to have dinner at Father's first house purchased in America. We were filled with many feelings as we reflected upon the history of over 40 years of our movement in this country, and all the sacrifices made; especially the course of the first missionaries who pioneered the way. We received so much love and care from him and his wife tonight. And after dinner, we sang "That's What Friends Are For" and "Umaya" to show our appreciation to them. we all felt so much joy to see the smiles on their faces as we sang. It was a very heartfelt ending to a day we could all feel so grateful to Heavenly Father for.

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