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2nd Generation Symposium at UTS

R. Yamamoto
May 5, 2006

UTS is hosting a 2nd Generation symposium on "The Future of the Unification Movement in North America: New Generation Voices."

It will take place at UTS on Sunday, May 21. It is being organized by R. Yamamoto and Natasha Yankus, the Young Oon Kim Project recruitment team, in consultation with Harumi Kawamura, Dr. Michael Mickler, Tyler Hendricks and significant others.

The impetus for the event came from the UTS Cabinet, beginning with the question, "instead of having the older generation plan for what the second-generation should be doing in the future, why donít we let the second-generation tell us what they see as the future of the movement?"

The May 21 event will feature speakers drawn from different segments of the second-generation population, both within and outside the formal lines of the Unification movement and its various organizations. After opening statements by each speaker, we will have a panel discussion with all speakers fielding questions from the floor. After a short break participants will be invited to join discussion groups for breakout sessions. The breakout sessions will focus on the same topics, and the final session will include a report from each group. The symposium will begin after lunch at 2 pm on Sunday and conclude by 6 pm with dinner and optional tables dedicated to specific discussions or poster sessions. There will be no fee other than the cost of meals.

May 21 is the day after the UTS Sports and Culture Festival. Participants may want to make it a weekend at UTS, enjoying the Festival, a leisurely Sunday morning with great worship, and then the Symposium. To register, contact Natasha at For information on accommodations, contact Cliff Yasutake at

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