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Message From Ritz

Kenritsu Yamamoto
February 22, 2006

Ground-breaking 2nd Generation Leadership for Positive Change UTS is offering an opportunity for dedicated 2nd Generation to pioneer a ground-breaking path into church and organizational leadership positions and create positive change in our movement!

The Unification Theological Seminary and Family Federation are looking for thirty 2nd Generation who have graduated college or will graduate this spring, and are highly motivated to create REAL and positive CHANGE in the leadership of our church.

UTS is introducing the Young Oon Kim Scholarships, a "full-ride" to 2nd Generation who are interested in becoming leaders in our movement—or at least devoting two or three years service after graduating. This scholarship is funded by local UTS alumni, local church communities, and major donors with a vested interest in the future of our young leaders as well as the future of our nation.

To make the ideal of 2nd Gen inheriting the leadership of the movement become a reality, 2nd Gen must stand in the position of true owners by rejuvenating and revitalizing our church with fresh ideas.

2nd Gen who receive this scholarship will graduate from UTS and receive paid positions in our movement with the full support of the Continental Director of North America, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, and Family Federation President, Dr. Michael W. Jenkins, as well as the Regional and Vice-Regional Directors of North America.

We would like all graduates to complete the scholarship program by offering themselves in training, ministry and interfaith dialogue for peace for a specific and fixed period of time (2 – 3 years) after graduation (with salary). This ministerial experience will be designed as an important "Career and Resume Builder" so that their time in ministry will be one of great internal and external development.

After the "ministry period" we would like to work carefully with these young leaders to examine what their "calling" is in the work of Kingdom Building. Some will want to stay in ministry, some will want to move on to other careers. In that case, we are asking all affiliated organizations in the Unification Movement to open their doors to employ and utilize our youth leaders in the field of Ecumenism, Middle East Peace, Media, Finance, Banking , Business, Medicine, Law, Civic and Social Service (including running for public office), Performing Arts, – basically all areas that are touched by the vast and comprehensive work of our movement to better society. Second Generation are needed everywhere. Rooted in True Parent’s heart and tradition, they will bring a fresh new approach to all our efforts to better humanity.

This is the greatest way possible for 2nd Generation to thank our True Parents and 1st Gen elders for their profound sacrifice, by inheriting leadership in our movement.

Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President of the Unification Theological Seminary, has promised that the recipients of this scholarship will be backed and encouraged to help create and engineer ministry programs that are attractive, innovative and exciting to young people.

This opportunity to inherit the leadership of our movement is the greatest way for 2nd Generation to express gratitude to True Parents and 1st Gen elders for their profound sacrifice.

Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President of the Unification Theological Seminary, has promised that the recipients of this scholarship will be encouraged and supported in creating and innovating UTS ministry programs in the local community and church that are exciting and attractive to young people.

2nd Generation brothers and sisters, let’s make this church a movement for the youth once more!

UTS is looking for 1st Generation who wish to support this initiative financially, or by spreading the word in their local community. Those interested, please contact Robin Graham at 845-752-3000 ext. 233 or

UNews will publish developments in the Young Oon Kim initiative, including key people involved. Updates and information will also be posted regularly on the UTS website, at

For more information, or if you are interested in being one of the first 2nd Generation to pioneer this initiative, please contact Kenritsu Yamamoto.

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