The Words Of The Wilding Family

We have been making special prayer conditions

Alan Wilding
July 1, 1971
Toronto, Canada

Dear Mr. [Young Tyang] Chang,

It made us all so happy to know that the weekly publication of the religious newspaper has been approved. We will all certainly make extra effort to keep you supplied with reports, articles, and manuscripts of a religious nature.

We have been making special prayer conditions here in Toronto center to get to know the personality and heart of our Master more. We also pray that he will soon be with us in person and that our strong dedication and love for Father will make him happy to be with us.

All members here send their love to our brothers and sisters in our spiritual homeland. Often your heavenly example manifested through your unceasing work for Father has given us here impetus and zeal to strive on even harder and longer than we could have. We are thankful for your dedication and love in the Heavenly Father.

I am enclosing various articles and news reports for your interest. I hope they will be helpful to you.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Alan Wilding 

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