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Hey Everyone

Triann Wentworth

Hey everyone!

I think I know most of you, but just in case, my name is Triann, I'm 18 years old and I live in Bowie but right now I'm on STF.  I'm actually working here in DC right now on the Service for Peace 10,000 rally that's happening on July 26th.  If you know Chandi, that's my baby sister.

Anyways, probably everyone has heard something about the things that are going on in the DC area this summer with Service for Peace.  But, it's been really unclear about what you guys can do to help, I'm really sorry about that.  We've been trying to organize ourselves and figure out how we're gonna get 10,000 people to come to this rally!!~!!  But now we're all set up and this is the official e-mail to let you know what it's all about.  So the first thing that I should explain is Service for Peace itself, because we're hoping that you guys can be the core group and get all your friends involved, so you have to know what you're talking about.

So...when I first started working here with SFP over a month ago, for about the first 2 or 3 weeks I had no idea what it was really about.  I thought that Hyun Jin Nim just started a youth movement that was trying to help people in need and do service projects and stuff like that.  But then Akiko Onni came down here for a few days and talked to us about what Service for Peace is really about.  She's been all over the world doing Service for Peace and works right under Hyun Jin Nim and she really inspired us.

So this is what I understood.  The first thing that really, really inspired me and made me want to be in SFP was this: as BC's, all our lives we've been hearing Father's words about the Kingdom of Heaven coming on Earth, we all heard about Lucifer repenting, we all participated in the Coronation Ceremony that crowned God as ruler of the cosmos.  All these things happening all around us are telling us that the Kingdom of Heaven is here on Earth, but it's all in the spiritual realm you know?  When you look around at the world it definitely doesn't look like the Kingdom of Heaven, even though it's already supposed to be here.  So that's Hyun Jin Nim's mission with SFP.  He is actually substantially building the Kingdom, with ideal families centered on God.  Isn't that the awesomest thing to be a part of?  We can finally do something, actually start changing the world substantially.  BC's are perfect for this because we have SO much power and SO much influence, especially when we're united.  So that's kind of the Moonie meaning of SFP.

But how is SFP building the Kingdom of Heaven?  First of all, Service for Peace is not a "youth group" or a "service organization" it's a worldwide movement to unite all people of any culture, race, religion, age, gender, or background.  SFP promotes the lifestyle of "living for the sake of others" meaning that we should be serving and living for each other because we all share one Divine Parent.  SFP is non-sectarian, which means we believe in one God, or one Parent, but not one religion.  I don't know how many people have seen the movie Pay It Forward, but I was thinking about this movie and it's exactly the same as Service for Peace.  It shows how SFP is gonna build the Kingdom on Earth.  In that movie the little boy comes up with this plan to change the world.  His plan is that you find three people and you give them the thing that they need most in their life.  Now in this world people do that sometimes, maybe with someone they really care about or someone in their family; they'll give them the thing that they need most in their whole life to make them happy.  But the difference is, in this movie the 3 people who you give to aren't allowed to give back to you and keep it on that level, but to pay you back, they have to turn around and find 3 more people and give them something that they need most. ("Pay it Forward", instead of pay it back.)  So that way it keeps multiplying the goodness outwards onto bigger and bigger levels.

It's the same exact principle as SFP.  Your serve people, and when they are touched and want to return it to you, you tell them, "No, YOU go out and serve someone else."  But why should we make other people serve?  Because we all have the same God as our parent and God's dream is for us to live for the sake of each other, so you can't just serve them, you have to make them serve.  Jesus said that catching a fish for a man who is starving is nowhere near as valuable as teaching him to fish.  It's the same principle.  That's one of the main visions of SFP (like the SFP dandelion logo, it keeps spreading seeds and things keep growing)  So if you were to go out and do a service project with your friends from school and everyone is really inspired by the project, you don't just all say "Hey, that was awesome, I feel great!" and then go home and eventually it all wears off.  Every person who was inspired at that one project can go out and do their own projects with other people.  SFP has only been around for one year, but its already worldwide and growing so quickly.  That's because SFP is constantly multiplying itself and spreading outwards.  Another really important aspect of SFP is that SFP is not just trying to SERVE, there are millions of service organizations out there, and the projects that they do don't always have such a great effect.  Service for PEACE seeks to change culture, to make relationships with all people and serve them because we're family.  There are all these different colors of people, but only one God.  It's His desire that we all be united.  We know this truth, so its our responsibility to bring it to others and unite all people.  So when you do service projects you have to have that kind of big goal in mind, and if you guys want to do your own, think about these points.  For example, maybe you can get two youth groups together that have a lot of conflict in their histories.  Right now we have a project going on where we are going fundraising with Afghan youth.  After Sep. 11 this is a pretty amazing unity.  People are so inspired by this, because its young people standing up and saying that we are not going to live in this world as it is, that we are going to change everything and bring peace.  So that's my explanation of Service for Peace, and we really really need everyone to get involved somehow.  SO...if you wanna get up in here this is what you can do...

1.  If you just wanna do service projects and stuff like that call up Norbert.  He knows everything about every service project going on right now so he'll hook you up with whatever you want to do.  He'll also help you out if you have an idea for your own service project.  His number is 845-532-5551

2.  You can come and help out full time.  If you do, you'll become a part of TEAM FIVE.  Team five is the best team...all the STF people who have other missions got so jealous when they made team five cuz its so fun.  What you do is called "buzz blitzing".  Its like buzz marketing but Moonie style.  What you do will be kinda similar to PLA.  Like rallies and block parties, just getting people excited about SFP.  Before this we've just been going out and handing out flyers, but now we came up with some really crazy ideas to get people interested.  If you wanna hear more about it just call me up at 202-299-9493 (I'm there from like 9-6 everyday).  But Team Five is only for the first 50 people that sign up, so if you wanna get in there you gotta be fast.

Alright, that's about it...I hope you guys can all get involved somehow, if you have any ideas for anything call me and I'll connect you with the person you need to talk to.

Take care,

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