The Words of the Wakabayashi Family

Zimbabwe Church and Court Case

Brigitte Wakabayashi
June 19, 2000

One Zimbabwean brother is in jail - his court case is due to start today according to the information I have - because he sold a car on the instructions of the Japanese NM. (This car had been damaged and given to the JNM by the KNM. The JNM then went about fixing it up and selling it - he apparently took part of the money to cover his costs, and he gave another part to the KNM). The brother who is now in jail was recently accused by the KNM to have sold the car illegally - but it is a trumped-up charge. The person who bought the car in good faith is very angry about the whole situation.

It seems that this brother was among a group of members who confronted the KNM about the way he spent a large sum of money given by TM for the purchase of a training center. (At that time, the bookkeeper of the movement, a sister, was jailed because drugs were planted in her room and the police called in. - This sister was subsequently released.)

The Japanese HQ has been informed of this situation. However, things are very confused and complicated, and it would be best if someone "neutral" can go there and investigate what's really going on (outside groups influencing the KNM, his disease, the role of members). There seem to be so many parallels to the Cleophas situation - and at that time also, we begged WMD to come and investigate - we even offered David Hose to pay for his ticket - but before he could take up this offer his mission changed. The southern part of Africa has never recovered from that disastrous time.

I sincerely hope that this time the situation will not be ignored.

R. Kachisi
June 20, 2000

To add on to what Brigitte Wakabayashi said, the situation in the Zimbabwe church can best be described as a tragedy, not only for that particular brother but for the whole church. The arrest and incarceration of an innocent brother because of a Korean national messiahs abuse of power should be condemned in the strongest terms. The continued incarceration of this brother is not just a tragedy on its own, but the gross indifference and insensitiveness of all those who are called "leaders" in our HQ is one that leaves a lot to be desired. This brother has now been languishing in prison for 3weeks now, and here I am talking of a breathing human being with a human spirit and not an animal. By neglecting this brother HQ is sending a very strong message to all of us and to all those who have enough brains about the nonexistence of this so-called "true love" that we are always clamoring about. I use the word "so-called" because this was the real test and we seem to have failed the test. We are therefore still to see this word in real action. Many reports have been sent ever since, and even two weeks ago to Rev. Kwak and Rev. Hwang. Someone should not tell me "they are too busy". Busy doing what? How do we expect to serve the whole world if we cannot serve only one person, innocent for that mater, who is locked behind bars. Can someone really tell me that our top leaders are failing to find time to just send someone to Zimbabwe to assess the situation, and make sure Rev. Do Hee Park drops all these false charges. I am sorry I am too angry, thats why I mention his name. If it were a progressive organization HQ could have organized all its resources to make sure this situation is immediately addressed, but it looks like there some people who are beyond reproach, and they have a right to destroy any soul willy-nilly.

Someone should not tell me I shouldnt have written this kind of letter, because I believe, silence or purported neutrality in wake of such abuse of power and hate is in itself very EVIL. Having reached the top (sending of reports) I think almost all major channels have been exhausted but our HQ has done nothing. Again, someone should not tell me that I am pre-judging the HQ, maybe they will do something. I am sure those who have been on this list can still recall such a story about Zimbabwe, when the same leader was involved in the planting of drugs on a sister, but, not even a soul from HQ has been seen there to investigate. There are 3 possibilities that can be derived from this;

1. HQ has lost control of the organization
2. Its a policy to leave a member to face the music alone if he gets into serious trouble (maybe this concept of indemnity) or maybe we can now call it heavenly brutality.
3. The actions of this Korean national messiah were sanctioned by HQ itself.
4. This leader has become completely untouchable, so no one should never attempt to cross his path or even come close to him.

Having seriously looked at this I came up with the following small poem;

If I sit on my hands and watch the injustice and brutality over my fellow brother, I am a hypocrite
Though I approve of the goals of human liberation and salvation, if I let the moment to act pass me by, I betray the imperative love, as real love test comes in crucial times.
Though I might study Gods word through Hoon Dok Hae and DP or even be raised into a leader, I become a hypocrite if I consider one members suffering as trivial.

Externally, our movement hasnt got any checks and balances in place, but most significantly love has not yet existed as a culture. Love still exists in the realm of philosophy. In other words I am saying, we only have a very good teaching on the topic "TRUE LOVE".

The question that now remains is, who will be responsible for this members legal fees? Some will say the member has to be responsible by himself. Some will say, HQ should be responsible since this National messiah is a representative of our movement, since by its silence, HQ is taking responsibility for the actions of this leader. THAT SHOULD BE YOUR FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

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