The Words of the Wakabayashi Family

Lucifer, Adam, Eve, and the Fall

Brigitte Wakabayashi
March 7, 1999

I thought it may be of interest to share some insights of our Japanese NM on the Fall (based on the guidance from spirit world by Dr. Lee):

(1) Lucifer's original intention was not to fall with Eve - he knew Principle very well and knew the consequences for himself and he feared God's anger

(2) Lucifer wanted Adam and Eve to fall with each other, so that they would loose their position, and he would again be the number one recipient of God's love

(3) Therefore Lucifer taught Eve all about love making - but not wanting to get involved with her

(4) However, Eve fell in love with Lucifer, and pursued a relationship with him until eventually he could not resist her and crossed over the line

(5) Afterwards Lucifer told Eve that she could not go before God anymore as she was fallen - her only path to restoration was through Adam. However, he didn't reveal the full truth about indemnity for a certain time period and the need for Adam to have grown to perfection.

(6) Eve, realizing that Adam was to be her original spouse, went to him and confessed what had happened.

(7) Adam at first tried to persuade Eve to go to God together with him and apologize. But Eve was too fearful of God's anger, and she believed Lucifer's word that she couldn't go before God anymore because she was fallen

(8) Eventually Adam asked Eve what she wanted to do. So Eve told him about Lucifer's advice (i.e. to have a relationship with Adam). Then Adam, believing this to be a solution, fell with Eve.

For me this explanation, especially the point about Lucifer wanting to compromise Adam and Eve without losing his own value/position seems very logical and believable.

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