The Words of the Vollmer Family

True Parents in Romania

Remy Vollmer
October 25, 2006
Bucharest Romania

From: European Office
Sent: 25 October 2005 22:40
To: European Office
Subject: True Parents in Romania

True Parents' party arrived around noon and was guided to the VIP lounge at the airport. The customs' check was quick and the drive to the Marriott hotel was very fast in spite of heavy traffic thanks mostly to the security motorcade that led the way.

The weather was perfect and quite warm for the season At the hotel, there were just a few brothers and sisters waiting so as to not cause too much of a commotion. The elevators were waiting to take the party up to the 8th floor and a dozen of people had been selected to formally greet True Parents in the Presidential suite. In the end though everyone that was around was invited to come up to the 8th floor and could greet TP's. Father was quite happy and started to speak to the small group in the suite to the delight of everyone.

The Marriott hotel is probably the most luxurious hotel in Bucuresti, build under the communist regime it hosted many grand events in the Romanian capital in the past.

Preparations for the event went on until the last minute but somehow by 5 pm everything was ready on time and the people could begin to stream in. A crowd had begun to form and the hotel staff was getting a bit uptight about the commotion. Finally all the seats were flled and more had to be brought in at the last minute. An overflow room of about one hundred chairs had been prepared while the main hall could seat almost 400. finally all seats were taken and many more chose to remain standing in the main hall to be able to see Father in person. In total nearly 500 people attended the event not counting the many brothers and sisters who came especially from abroad.

Rev. Kwak and Dr. Walsh came to the VIP reception, hosting more than 100 VIPs from all segments of society. They made it a point to greet everyone present and exchange a few words. Just before 6 pm the VIP's took their seats in the main hall and the program began.

Until then people had been entertained by a jazz quartet and an Opera singer and the atmosphere was quite relaxed with people sharing quite freely.

The MC guided everyone in a toast with the sharing of "holy juice", which brought a smile to many people's faces and further contributed to creating a warm atmosphere in the hall.

When father came to the stage he seemed quite relaxed, and took many breaks in the reading of the speech to connect more personally to the crowd present. He was particularly happy to hear the news about the UK finally agreeing to welcome him just before going to the green room!

As always after the speech, True Mother came on the stage, smiling and beautiful as ever. They were given bouquets of flowers and a special plaque presented by the Ambassadors for Peace of Romania. True Parents then quickly left the stage and retired to their suite as they have an early morning start to move on to Sarajevo tomorrow.

Everyone was beaming as they came out of the hall, and not just because of the heat! Spirits were high and everyone enjoyed a lively discussion around some refreshments. People didn't seem to want to leave and many were still in deep conversations hours after the event.

This event was a resounding success because of the support of so many in Romania and abroad. Brothers and sisters from France, the UK, Sweden, and Japan had come weeks before to help prepare for the event, and even until the last day people kept coming from as far as Korea, Japan and Finland, as well as from closer neighbors such as Moldavia, Bulgaria and Hungary. Most importantly though it was a success because of the incredible heart of attendance of the national leader Rev. Jeong and the Romanian family. They really welcomed all the help from abroad with deep humility yet with an undeniable maturity of heart.

Thank you to our True Parents for bringing new life not only to this Old Continent but also to each and everyone of us.

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