The Words of the Vieira Family

HARP August News 2003

Carla Vieira
August, 2003

We divided our WS into two parts; one more internal and the other more external second part then got to practice what they learned. The first part lasted for four days and 13 harpies members participated. They were 14 and older. We had lectures, activities to help to fulfil daily goals like; group unity, brothers and sisters unity and all harpies unity. Hon Dok Hae and every day during the whole WS we did 40 bows to join the 40 days European condition. Until the last 8 days we had camping and during that time 15 second generation between 7 and 12 years old come to join us. This gave us the opportunity to challenge ourselves for a few days to leave behind the luxury that we are used to have, like a good bed, good food all the time and a bath, without having to wait for 30 minutes or sometimes even 1 hour. Also the elders could practice how to serve and take care of the younger. That was the opposite to what they do in daily life. Usually they give this responsibility to their parents. The younger members also had something to overcome. Usually their parents help them to dress, clean and sometimes to give food in the mouth, but more than anything else they learned, to obey and respect their elder brothers. Our program was Hon Dok Hae, bowing condition, discussion, time to get to know each other better, pool, beach games, swimming and also plenty of times to serve others and to know God's heart better.

This time we did fundraising as a part of the WS. It was an internal education and I could see how big their hearts are. Everybody had to have one internal and external goal to fulfill and only those who participated in the first phase of the WS did fundraising, the rest, those under 12 years contributed with service for peace activities, that consisted of cleaning the camping park and collecting garbage from the campers, house by house.

Many of them ware very inspired and proud of themselves and they received smiles and beautiful words from people which helped them to feel responsible as 2nd generation.

We concluded our Ws in a special way. Like in the last year, our National leader invited all of the Portuguese families to spend some time together as families. During that time the families could share together and live like a true family for one or two days. We had the idea of inviting all parents to come to that family WS for the two last days and was very good. It moved parents very much and our family evening, planed by the 2nd generation, touched them deep inside, as some parents shared after words.

We will send some pictures that testify of our time.

All the best from all Portuguese Second Generation, to all brothers and sisters around Europe.

Carla Vieira
Portuguese Harp Leader

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