The Words of the Vieira Family

National Harp Report - Portugal

Carla Vieira, Joana Pereira, and Silvia Rodrigues
June 2003
Portuguese HARP Leader

During this month we could create a Parents Committee who came to help us to create a different environment and a new perspective of working together with parents.

We also had our Easter WS this month. It was only four days but we wanted give our best and effort to strengthen friendship more between all HARPies.

The weather was very rainy, which gave us time to concentrate better on internal guidance (lectures, Divine Principle study, and some indoor games), we had a lot of time to share and revive our minds for a new school period, and we also did a little public service, and this time inspired everybody for sure, we cleaned a beach and collected restaurant and snack bar garbage, everybody appreciated it.

We ended our WS with family evening program, and we invited the HARP members’ parents to join together and all of them appreciated and enjoyed very much.

IMN, Carla Vieira -Portuguese HARP Leader

Easter Workshop - Portugal

Just as in other WSs before, we experience something new or something that we never did before. For example, last summer WS we went camping, at Christmas we did FR, and so also this time we had something new … to collect garbage at one beach. Well, whoever reads this can think that was some experience very dirty, but in other ways it was very constructive because in the end we had a chance to reflect on our world. For me it was not the first time, I have already done something of this kind, and I liked to repeat this experience very much.

God give us some help with the weather, during almost the whole WS it rained although a little less that day, and in the precise moment that we were to go out, the raining stopped.

After a lot of work and with a warm sun in the sky, all we wanted was a delicious ice cream, and our wish came true. When we arrived back, it started to rain again, which was like if God had given us that time to serve others.

During the rest of the time, we did group activities for Family Evening, and this was very special because our parents were present. We finished in the best way with cake, Easter eggs and many candies.

I want thank in name of all 2nd G to everybody (Carla, Ando, Sérgio Vieira, Sérgio Neto, Mrs. Yong Wha) who helped and could give us a good time.

HARPie ,
Joana Pereira

Our Lecture Time - Portuguese WS

To determine ourselves to want to know more, to learn and discuss, we initiate our journey across many lectures and prayers.

The first day we had lectures given by Ando Rodrigues, we spoke about many issues and topics. We had some time to compare our character with some animals’ instincts.
I could once more prove to myself what I am. In situations without stress I am like a fox (this is meticulous, cautious, fair, without feelings and methodic), with stress a lion is (ambitious, implacable, arrogant, auto-confident and dictator), but it is S. Bernard dog character that I more idealize that is support, optimist, naïve, thrust, submissive, and that was the animal that I chose in the beginning. We had also lecture about God and love, spiritual and physical world, and Blessing and Hyung Sang character.

Many moments we have, we just pass through, from the most inner problem to the most exciting, without becoming aware of that strange and exuberating force that gives us victory and could help to not give up. Because we know it, that we have some goals to achieve, we cannot give up, not in the precise moment that we are all together …that everybody know the way to go, not because the words but almost by what it means to us. And in the end of WS when I could reflect about those days, I knew that in my deepest heart I should return to the world whose many tears are taken to God and sometimes just to breathe same air as them becomes unbearable for me … but the words touched me then they caused me to believe that in the end everything will be fine… because if not, well then, that was still not the End.

Silvia Rodrigues

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