The Words of the Uruga Family

Testimony from Masahiro and Mieko Uruga

Masahiro and Mieko Uruga
February 8, 2003

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - In February 2002, I received a surprise telephone call from America. It was from my son's future father-in-law, Michael Kiely. I was quite happy that someone was thinking about our son, but on the other hand I was intrigued by how he had found out about our son, who had not yet attended a Blessing workshop at that moment.

Michael told me that through the STF office he had come to know about our son and our family. It was quite touching for me to witness how God was working in this mysterious way. Michael said he wanted to follow Father's tradition and was looking for an international spouse for his daughter. I was so moved by his first words to me on the phone because I was thinking in exactly the same way and looking for a spouse for our son in America.

A few weeks before Michael's first call to us in Israel, I had been at the Chung Pyung Training Center in Korea to participate in a Blessed husband's workshop. There I met many close friends, most of whom had brought pictures of their children of Blessing age to share with other families in search of possible spouses. I saw a number of pictures, but they just didn't click in my mind - maybe because all of them were Japanese and I could not imagine any possibility of spiritual development for a Japanese-Japanese couple.

One of our lecturers at the workshop told us if we were suffering or had a particular problem, we should go to the special prayer temple and ask for help with it. At that time one of my main prayers was about finding a good spouse for my son. Through the prayer I came to realize that God was even more seriously looking for spouses for all of the second generation than the parents themselves. I understood my responsibility was to look for someone whom God was thinking about.

When Michael called us, I felt something deeply good in my heart. At that moment, all that I was praying and wishing for my son started to be realized. Michael's daughter was an American in her second year of STF. Her parents had overseas experience as original missionaries. I had not set my mind on such a background, but somehow God has given me such a comfortable way which I can easily accept!

After Michael sent us K.'s photo, I said to my wife, "That's it!" In just a few hours after his call, my wife and I made some very important decisions for our son. No doubt because we were thinking and suffering in the past few years, when the right moment came, we were ready for it, and it happened quickly. We deeply felt God's guidance in this matching.

After Mieko and I had made up our mind, I called my son in America to tell him of our decision and ask him for his reaction.

For a moment he was completely silent on the phone. Then he said, "Well, she (K.) is a good person."

As it turns out, he had already known K. because they had worked together for a period on STF. Because he knew her a little bit, it was not necessary to explain so much. But my words had caught him by complete surprise; he was not expecting this at all.

Then I asked him what he felt about our proposal. He thought a bit more about it and then agreed.

About a week later, we confirmed with Michael that K. had also accepted the matching. That same day at Michael's suggestion, I called K.. I was a little bit nervous in the beginning, but after I talked with her, all my worries were gone. She was so sweet and gave us so much comfort. I asked her if she could accept our son. She told me clearly, "Yes!" I felt our ancestors were so happy to welcome her!

Our son and K. had around a seven month period of engagement from the matching in February until the Blessing September 14. After nearly three years of STF our son worked for several months in America to raise money for school before returning to Israel in April. In Israel, he completed a Blessing workshop so that he and K. could become an officially engaged couple. (He was unable to attend the July 3rd Blessing in Washington, D.C., because of an important University entrance examination in Israel.)

During the seven month period, we often exchanged email with Michael and his wife, Maria. It was a loving and caring experience for both families. They invited our second son, Yoshi, to their home to stay when he had no place to go during a one-week vacation from STF. They told us their home was always our home. K. sent a letter and a small gift to each one of our children. Our hearts became so close to each other on a family level. And of course, more than anything else, it was so joyful to see our son and K. calling each other. I came to understand that the Blessing was not just for two people, but for two families and two different groups of ancestors to rejoice together.

On September 12th, I came to New York to participate in the Blessing ceremony. K. and Michael came to pick me up at the airport . It was my first time to meet her, but I felt we already knew each other. In the car Michael told me that True Parents had seen the pictures of our son and K. this morning and had given their approval for their matching. I was so happy for this special grace. After we arrived at their home, K. offered me her own room to stay in during this period. She treated me like her father-in-law, and it was so comfortable. On the Blessing day, our son and K. were the chosen representative couple to offer flowers to True Parents. Maybe that was because they were the only second generation couple among 10 newly matched couples. It was an unforgettable, grace-filled day for both of our families!

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