The Words of the Toffey Family

On My Own, Practicing What I Have Learned!

Kyle Toffey
November 13, 2009

Keeping Centered, In the Midst of the Crisis

This past week, I have been praying for a quick resolution of the crisis, our movement is going through. Meanwhile, I am determined to keep centered, and not sidetracked! … ”I am in this movement, for only one reason: to fulfill ‘my own ’ portion of responsibility, and not judge others actions, whether they are a member or a leader!”

Let me explain more.

Early on in the movement, one of the major revelations that had a profound affect on my spiritual life was that, “there was no person, past, present or future who can fulfill my portion of responsibility”. This simple realization had a rippling effect on how I viewed my life in the church.

Following Father and Leadership, as a Reborn Child

For years, I always did what I was told to do. It always seemed that people, especially leaders, had ideas of what I should be doing and how to do it. I think that was fine when I was young in the church. I was really reborn when I joined the church. I felt in my early years in the movement that I really was a young kid following Father around as he did important things. It was fun and exciting.

On My Own, Practicing What I Learned

But little babies grow up to be teenagers and young adults. Young adults have an innate desire to go and do something themselves. They want to take what they have learned and put it into practice. They want to go out and do. It was at that time in my spiritual life that I realized that I have my own portion of responsibility. Others may think they know what I should be doing, but I and I alone have my portion of responsibility to fulfill!..

What do I do now?

So, I am determined to even more do, what I have always been doing, no matter how long it takes for this crisis to resolve: My responsibility is to live a Principled life, become a loving and giving individual, and help build the original world that God and True Parents desire; nothing will affect that. 

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