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iUnificationist Youth Hostel

Kyle Toffey
October 30, 2009

I have a question for you… Do you have an interest in coming to Korea on your next vacation and help participate in Hyung Jin Nim’s ministry for a week or two? This is ONLY A PROPOSAL and not set up yet. However I want to know if there is any interest. Here is the general idea:

Come to Korea and feel the love!

Experience the Excitement of Hyung Jin Nim’s Ministry in Korea: iUnificationist Youth Hostel

Come to the Fatherland and participate in Hyung Jin Nim’s ministry. Take part in this wonderful opportunity to truly experience Korea first hand and support the new Temple building through witnessing.

Flexible -- Come for a few days or few weeks

Ongoing -- You pick the time good for you

Completely voluntary

A hostel with a witnessing focus

Make the Temple part of your Chung Pyung pilgrimage

Support for your witnessing efforts in Korea…

Literature in English/Korean

Help with Korean phrases

Regular Evening Programs

Staffed video center

Partner up with other residents

Follow-up staff after you leave

Not just witnessing… Explore Spiritual / Cultural / Historic Korea

Guided museum and historic sites

Church history tours

See Seoul -- mix fun with natural witnessing

Western “Hostel” style living conditions

Dorm style with lockable lockers

Limited individual rooms

First come first served availability

Information to make your stay memorable

$40 / day includes:

Dorm bed

Breakfast and dinner

Cell phone for loan (pre-paid)

Discounts on longer stays

Family and small group discounts

Someone also suggested that a Unification Hostel be open to people outside our movement as well. We would be openly a Unificationist hostel and welcome people of all faiths for dialogue and fellowship. Could be a great place to witness to people who are curious about us.

I would love your comments.



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