The Words of the Toffey Family

We Are In This For The Long Haul!

Kyle Toffey
October 16, 2009

Okay, the party is over…

Here in Korea the Blessing was really amazing. Father looked really good, the spirit was high and it was great to see so many 2nd generations getting blessed. Having been in Korea over the years, my wife and I know many of those Blessed Children. Part of our mission has been to be surrogate parents to young people when they come to Korea to work or study and are away from home. My wife is very big on hugs which everyone, especially young people, need. So it was particularly great to see some of them blessed and be there for them. After major events like this I usually feel a great sigh of relief. There is a lot of coordination, work, prayer, meetings, planning and focus that goes into pulling a Blessing like this off. Although we are more on the side lines and not involved in the actually planning of the event, everyone gets caught up in preparing themselves and others to make this happen. Often we have to put aside some of our regular duties and responsibilities as we focus on the event.

It seems no matter how many events or campaigns I am involved in; I have hopes that it will be followed by some cosmic event that will affect the Providence and my life in extra ordinary ways. It is similar to my expectations following the completion of Father’s 21 year course in 1981 or the Millennium change. However I have yet to see this happen, right after the event itself!.. Yet, months or years later, we can look back and see how thing have changed, but that big booming voice from the sky has yet to appear, to me anyway; so, after the event I am kind of left with the “Party’s Over” feeling!

But as I rolled out of bed on October 15th, the day after the Cosmic Blessing, I felt really blessed. I realized it is not in grand events, that I receive my greatest joy, nor is it in the excitement of an upcoming Blessing. It is actually in my family that I have my greatest fulfillment and joy. It is waking up with my wife at hand and not the extraordinary events that gives my life fulfillment, meaning and value. The very ordinary events of my daily life as I interact with my loving wife, children, church members, friends and nature give me joy.

My personal major cosmic events include, but are not limited to: bicycling with my wife, talking with my children, walking the dogs, fellowship at church, the quiet of mornings, smelling the coffee, my drives to work with God in the passenger seat, and more. These “non-extraordinary” daily events make my ordinary life rich and make everyday extraordinary. No time for the “Party’s Over” feelings here, we are in this for the long haul with many extraordinary ordinary cosmic events going on. 

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