The Words of the Thomas Family

Direct witnessing during the visit of True Parents in the United Kingdom

David Thomas
May 29, 2011

When I arrived at the hotel of True Parents the first day, the driving team was parking the cars in the hotel car park. The hotel was charging more then £30 per day per car. I went up to the hotel manager and asked him if we could get any discount.

The answer was, "We are Hilton. We do not give any discounts. Why should we?"

My response was, "Do you realize that this hotel will be known in history as the hotel where the Messiah stayed?"

I went to the car park manager and told her the same thing. She said, "I will see what I can do."

As a result of this we got a whole day of parking for free!

We had rented a meeting room for Hoon Dok Hae for 100 people, but a problem seemed to arise when more then 100 people turned up. There was the danger that the room would be canceled for health and safety reasons because it was only meant for hundred people, but already more then 100 had turned up. The problem was with the air ventilation. The capacity of the ventilation was not enough for more then 100 people.

I went up to the hotel manager again and told him, "The Messiah is here in your hotel. He came all the way from Korea. People from all nationalities are here to listen to him, and you will be very blessed."

I promised that we would take responsibility for the air ventilation in that room so it would not be their responsibility anymore. Then he agreed to let everyone who turned up for Hoon Dok Hae come up to the room.

After Hoon Dok Hae I explained to the hotel hospitality manager that Father is the Messiah. I spoke pretty long with her. The hotel manager saw this and said in a joking manner to me, "David, I think you are converting all my staff now!" 

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