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Richard Thomas (70s UK DP Teacher, Etc.) Passed Over

Christopher Davies
February 26, 2006

You may already know this, but I just received notice that Richard Thomas has passed over, last Tuesday, February 21 - see a little more below.

I remember Richard for his passion and enthusiasm and, of course, his creativity. "Funny", at the Dutch National Sunday Service today, in reporting about the annual European Leaders meeting in Berlin last week, Hans Campman commented on the sketches put on by the British Second Generation. Richard certainly had theatrical flair and a sense of the dramatic.

If I remember rightly, he could be said to have been the first British "fundraiser". When Father visited the UK in 1972, he asked that we pioneer a number of cities. Richard went to Newcastle and, having had some people offer him a donation when he gave them some "literature", he decided to ask for donations - and then figured he could witness in this style all day and make enough cash to live on. Hearing of this, Dennis encouraged other pioneers to do the same, and started Samson. Later, rather than take the train, or cheaper (and slower) bus, Richard flew back to Newsastle from a meeting in London, 'cos he realized he could be better off financially if he used the time he saved to witness/fundraise. Or is my memory all befuddled?


PS. I suspect the original writer is Caroline Barnes, but I may be wide of the mark. She talks of the north of England but I think Caroline was from North Wales (or was it just over the border - Liverpool?). I also wouldn't imagine her as a "Yoga type", but what do I know.

PPS. Thinking of the almost haphazard way I heard of Richard's passing, I just created an Internet group Unified Family UK - I dunno if it'll take off but I create groups at the slightest suggestion and it might be useful. PPPS. I normally put extra mails in BCC, not CC: it's neater, but you might find some mails here you "like" and you'll also know that they know.

February 21, 2006


I just got a phone call from John Relph to tell me that Richard Thomas died in hospital about 2 hours ago, at 10 o-o-clock pm, Eastern standard time. I thought you might like to know.

I think all of us have memories of his teaching in workshops etc. Myself, Richard and John Relph all joined the church in the same month, June 1971, all of us from the north of England. We were all so young then and time seems to have flown. How did we get to be this old? Well, we all have our own memories and our own ways of sending a soul on its journey. I'm going to do a yoga meditation for helping a soul cross over.

Please pass the word on to anyone else you think would like to know.

Love, Caroline.

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