The Words of the Taylor Family

The East Sun Building

Karen Taylor
March 19, 2001

The East Sun Building was my prison for nearly 2 years. Not only did I work there in building the Good Go sports fishing boats, but I also lived there, as did all the Master Marine members. I believe that it was considered cheap and convenient to keep us in that huge, cold and dark hulk of a place. Eventually we were moved to the New Yorker hotel due to Fire Dept inspections. Of course, it was completely illegal and hazardous for us to live in the building, but like the Blues Brothers, we were on a mission for God!

The East Sun Building was located directly across from a large housing project. It was a very dangerous area with the predominant occupants being black and Hispanic Americans. To venture out at night was to tempt fate, but I have walked to the ESB from the Long Island City subway station quite often during daylight hours without incident.

I felt like a prisoner in the place and I refer to my time there as "repaying my debt to society" or "my Danbury sentence". We were never taken anywhere for Sunday outings while living in the place and the brothers had awful living conditions. Their living quarters were an enormous windowless dark room on the 2nd floor with a bed platform built of plywood that ran the entire length of the room. It had been promised by Mr. Kamiyama that the platform would be carpeted, but that never occurred.

The handful of sisters that were sent to work in the place had much better living conditions, but we all felt trapped and there was a heavy atmosphere of unhappiness in the building. Many members were sent there from different church departments, particularly CARP, who were considered problematic. The ESB effectively became a dumping ground.

One CARP member was sent to work in Master Marine who had been discovered during an aggressive witnessing campaign. Bobby was a 16 year old runaway. This boy eventually broke into the Master Marine office one night, stole about $12,000, and vanished into New York City. He knew that he would not be pursued since he left a note clearly indicating that he would contact the Dept. of Immigration and reveal how many illegal immigrants were working for Master Marine if we pressed charges. Smart kid.

I loved Mr. Kamiyama's (TK) explanation to Master Marine members that this was indemnity to prevent a serious injury to one of the boat builders. The truth is, TK had already been instructed by Rev. Moon that the boy should go home, but nobody took action, even after I spoke to the production supervisor about Bobby's bad behavior. This theft was preventable. I would call this "indumbnity"!

We were visited by Rev. Moon fairly regularly and I have had a unique experience or 2 with him while working there.

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