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Support for Matching Ministry For Older Second Generation

Yasuko Takahashi
April 24, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Welcome to the Blessed Family Department Ministry for the Support of Matching Older Second Generation. Our National Coordinator for this ministry is Mrs. Yasuko Takahashi and the ministry is centered out of Belvedere in Tarrytown, NY. This ministry will collect information on all available BC candidates for matching and maintain confidential files and binders of the pictures and applications.

Please send applications and pictures for any Second Generation matching candidates who plan to be matched by their own parents directly to Mrs. Takahashi and this ministry.

All parents are invited and welcome to submit their son or daughter’s application and photos. You can download and submit the following forms from the links below. Please send the following documents all together in one packet.

(1) FFWPU Matching Candidate Application

(2) Family Introduction form

(3) 2 Photos, 8" x 10". Also required. Professional portraits are not required. Pictures may be taken with a digital camera. Candidate should dress up and anticipate that True Parents might see these pictures.

(A) Head and shoulders, facing straight with forehead visible, hair pulled back.

(B) Full length, head to toe, from straight on.

(4) Personal Introduction and personality profile. Candidates should also submit a statement of introduction about themselves and any other personal profile information that would help prospective parents-in-law get to know a little about them.

There is a donation of $25 to have your candidate’s records maintained in the files. Once you pay the $25 donation, you are entitled to unlimited viewings of all other candidates.

The donation supports the keeping of the records, copying, and other file expenses. Checks should be made out to "HSA-UWC" with a notation "for BFD". To submit the applications, photos, and $25 donation by mail, send it to

Mrs. Yasuko Takahashi
c/o Family Ministry Department
723 S. Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591.

Two copies of each binder with all the applications and photos will be maintained. One will be at Belvedere and one will be at the UFC Building in Washington, DC.

Parents who would like to review these records in searching for a match for their own son or daughter are welcome to set up a time for viewing. There is a donation of $5 per Blessed Couple for each viewing of the applications. If you submit your own son/daughter’s application for $25, then you do not have to donate $5 for viewing.

These records will not be put on any website. They will be kept confidential.

The records will also be available for viewing in other cities around the country at the time of National Level workshops for matching and blessing, and other appropriate occasions.

To view the matching candidates in Washington, DC, at the UFC Building, contact Mrs. Margaret Herbers to make an appointment. Margaret has graciously volunteered to maintain these records at HQ and protect their confidentiality.

To view the matching candidates at Belvedere, contact Mrs. Yasuko Takahashi.

If you have questions or need further information, please contact Mrs. Takahashi.

God bless.

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