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Dr. Tyler Hendricks Comes To Chicago

Bruce Sutchar
August 19-21, 2006
Chicago, IL

On Saturday, August 19th, Dr. Tyler Hendricks, the president of the Unification Theological Seminary, arrived in Chicago for four jam-packed days of meeting, teaching and greeting. Saturday night, Dr. Hendricks was joined by 30 former UTS graduates from all over the Midwest. Alumni arrived from as far away as Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin and Indiana to partake in the rich and delicious physical and spiritual food that Dr. Hendricks provided.

Dr. Hendricks offered an up-to-date PowerPoint slide show which depicted the progress of the seminary in ecumenical, spiritual and academic arenas. A good time was had by all, and Dr. Hendricks was able to raise $5,000 toward the $155,000 dining room renovation project.

The following morning Dr. Hendricks delivered the Sunday sermon to the Chicago Church community. With the title of "Shake It Up" his theological theme dealt with how we must become ‘the salt of the earth." Just as salt brings out the taste of anything that it is sprinkled on, Dr. Hendricks challenged the Chicago congregation to perform "good deeds" to fulfill its salt analogy.

Later that afternoon, Dr. Hendricks was the guest speaker at the monthly Hoon Dok Church meeting hosted by David and Noriko Cooper. The Hoon Dok Church group also included this author’s couple, Bill and Hiroko Scheffler, and 777 couple the Yoshida’s. The discussion centered on Catholicism, the life and work of Bishop Milingo and the concept of married priests and nuns.

On Monday, Dr. Hendricks met with some of Chicago’s business leaders and concluded the day by speaking to a gathering of Chicago’s Sunday School teachers.

Dr. Hendricks’ final event would be to deliver the sermon on the occasion of Chicago’s August Prayer Breakfast. He spoke before a full house of Chicago ministers and ACLC National Coordinator the Rev. Levy Daugherty and the New York City ACLC coordinator and special assistant to Rev. Daugherty, Rev. Sakamoto. Dr. Hendricks delivered a power-point sermon from the True Family Values curriculum, which covered the essential points of the Divine Principle.

Also on the program, Rev. Willie Weston, Dr. A. Harold White and Pastor T.L. Barrett, Jr. each shared testimony from their recent ACLC experience in the Bahamas. The assembled ministers also viewed a slide show of the recent Service for Peace project held in Chicago.

Then as Dr. Hendricks headed back to his mission at UTS in order to prepare for the coming academic year, Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, new Chicago District Director Rev. David Rendel and the Chicago minister outreach task force joined Rev. Daugherty for a stimulating and exciting discussion centering on how to best bring America’s clergy together from sea to shining sea.

The four days of whirlwind meetings adjourned and now Chicago is preparing for the upcoming three-generation 120 city tour led by our True Parents to come to Chicago.

God Bless you, America!

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