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Evolution and Christian Hope - Man's Concept of the Future from the Early Fathers to Teilhard de Chardin by Ernst Benz (Louise Berry [Strait] - December 1971)

A Unified Field Theory Necessary Addition to Unified Science (Glenn C. Strait - September 1973 pdf)

Cultural Values and Science Abstracts of Papers at Second I.C.U.S. (Glenn Strait - November 18-21, 1973 pdf)

No Letup in Soviet Repression (Louise Berry [Strait] - December 1973 pdf)

I.C.U.S. Statement on the Third Conference (Glenn Strait - January 1974 pdf)

What is the destiny of science? - Science Conference Pursues Absolute Values (Louise Strait - January 1975 pdf)

Horizons of Hope (Louise Berry [Strait] - March 1974 pdf)

Reflections on Vietnam (Louise Strait - March 1975 pdf)

FLF - the People's March for World Freedom - What happened to a free Vietnam (Louise Strait - April 10, 1975 pdf)

New Hope for Marriage (Louise Strait - May 1975 pdf)

A New Headquarters Building for America in New York (Louise Strait - May 1975 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon Christian Crusade - New Hope Festival Fills Biltmore Hotel NYC (Louise Strait - September 17, 1975 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han open the Unification Theological Seminary (Louise Strait - September 20, 1975 pdf)

Theological Seminary Staff: Thomas Boslooper, Frank Elmo and. Warren Lewis (Louise Strait - December 1975 pdf)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Tom Ludwig and the New York City Symphony (Louise Strait - January 1976 pdf)

FLF's project for Vietnamese refugees, is drawing to a successful completion (Louise Strait - February 1976 pdf)

Incredulous New York Gets a New Look from the God Bless America Campaign (Louise Strait - May 1976 pdf)

June 1, 1976 - The Bicentennial God Bless America Festival (Louise Strait - June 1, 1976 pdf)

Reverend Moon the Patriot (Louise Strait - October 1976 pdf)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Fifth International Conference on the Unity of Sciences (Louise Strait - November 28, 1976 pdf)

What the Blessing has meant to me: Shock, challenge, struggle, joy, growth, love (Glenn Carroll Strait - 1977 pdf)

74 Couples Blessed in Marriage at the World Mission Center in New York (Louise Strait - February 21, 1977 pdf)

Messages from our Unification Church Missionaries in Africa (April 1977 - Editor: Louise Strait pdf)

First Commencement Celebrated at Unification Theological Seminary, Barrytown (Louise Strait - July 1, 1977 - pdf)

The National Council of Churches charges that the Unification Church of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon is not a Christian Church - CBS Radio Interview and Report (Louise Strait - August 1977 pdf)

Unification Church Purchases Mormon Chapel in Washington, D.C. (Louise Strait - September 17, 1977 pdf)

Unification Theological Seminary Celebrates Its Third Annual Convocation (Louise Strait - September 17, 1977 pdf)

The first anniversary of God Bless America Festival at the Washington Monument (Louise Strait - September 18, 1977 pdf)

Landmark decision upholding freedom of religion by California High Court (Louise Strait - November 1977 pdf)

6th International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences Opens in San Francisco (Louise Strait - November 27, 1977 pdf)

The Sixth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences - San Francisco (Louise Strait - November 27, 1977 pdf)

At Last an Honest and New Approach to Evaluating the Unification Church (Louise Strait - December 1977 pdf)

Sun Myung Moon holds dedication ceremony of the new Unification Church of Washington, DC building (Louise Strait - December 4, 1977 pdf)

Frontier '78 has its first tour: New Haven, CT; Boston, MA and Tallahassee, FL (Louise Strait - March 1978 pdf)

Dae Mo Nim and the Mormons (Louise Strait - June 1, 1999)

Bob and Virgin Birth (Louise Strait - September 30, 1999)

Re: Andrew Wilson's Comments About The Church Providing A Matchmaking Service (Glenn Strait - August 15, 2002)

Finding Mother and Father God in the Holy Land (Glenn Strait - August 2009)

Analysis of Completion and Perfection - Family Pledge (Glenn Strait - February 1, 2011 pdf)

Motto of Year 2 of Cheon-gi (Glenn Strait - February 3, 2011 pdf)

Lessons from Reverend Moon’s New Culture Strategy (Glenn Strait - October 6, 2014 pdf)

1800 Couples’ 40th Blessing Anniversary in Washington DC (Louise Strait - February 8, 2015 pdf)

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