The Words of the Stephens Family

Guidance received from Heung Jin Nim on Prayer

Received through Jim Stephens
August 25, 1987
Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Father and Mother offer a prayer for Heung Jin Nim on his 17th birthday celebration, held in Chicago on the final day of ICUS XII, November 27, 1983.

Jim Stephens prays:

Heung Jin Nim, I pray that you can come and speak. Teach me how to improve my prayers. Speak to me so that I can learn how to be the most effective in a short period of time in my prayers. How can I learn to love to pray so that I can discipline myself to spend the amount of time that I need every day in prayer? So often I get involved in all the details that I don't take the time to pray. I do the things that seem most urgent, but I don't invest myself in the time to pray that I should.

Heung Jin Nim speaks:

The most important thing to remember when you pray is that we are listening; we are hearing your prayers. It is how you speak to us that determines the effectiveness of your prayer. There is so much power available now from the spiritual world. We have a tremendous amount of power, but we cannot unleash that power unless someone on the earth allows us to unleash it, yearns for it, longs for it, and asks us every moment to unleash it.

The laws of the spiritual world must always be obeyed; we cannot disobey them. The high realms of the spiritual world cannot go against the Principle. So you must study the Principle, because through the Principle you can learn the laws of the spiritual world, and by applying those laws through your prayers, you can gain the most power, the most effectiveness. You can fine-tune your prayers to be like laser beams.

You Will See Results

We can begin to show you how to be more effective in your prayer if you start doing some small experiments. Start by opening your heart, opening your mind, to situations that you see around you that need to be changed -- just little things at first -- and we will show you how to pray for those things. We will show you how to pray so that you can mobilize the spiritual world to help change the heart or the concepts of a member of the staff, a witnessing contact, a member of your family, or anyone you are concerned about. Through your prayer, you will be able to see results in a day or two. You will notice how that person has changed; you will see the inspiration, the dreams, the visions, and the new reality that have come into his heart and mind -- because you were able to zero in on that person's heart and soul through your prayer. You were able to mobilize the spiritual world to actually do something about that situation.

Many brothers and sisters are in need of your prayers and the prayers of other brothers and sisters. So many people need new guidance, new insight, and new understanding. They need to have their minds and hearts opened up. This can happen if you pray for them in the right way. Spiritually, you're just a tiny baby, Jim; you're just beginning to understand how to use your prayers. You've been a little frustrated with your old style of praying, so you need to go to a new level. You need to gain the inspiration to pray that comes as you see your prayer actually bringing results.

You will come to recognize that praying is not a waste of time at all, that praying is very powerful. Prayer is one of the most effective ways to deal with a problem, because almost every problem has some spiritual base. Almost always, some spiritual barrier is the key thing that must be removed in order for the problem to be solved. Working in the spiritual realm, working with people's hearts, is much more powerful than just taking care of physical reality and physical details.

As you begin to mobilize the spiritual world through prayer, you'll find great excitement. You'll find great pleasure and joy working in the spiritual realm. You will begin to recognize the laws of heaven that can be used to help your brothers and sisters gain new insight, hope, and vision for their own lives. Not only will you be able to help them through prayer, but even as you take them aside and speak to them, you'll be able to zero in on their situations and explode their hearts and minds with new life.

Satan Will be Pushed Back

This is what we want to do through you. This is the kind of mission we want to give to you for the sake of America, for the sake of brothers and sisters. There is so much to be done. There are so many places we want to send you. There are so few people with the kind of open heart and mind that you have, so few who can be a channel in the way you can be. So we pray that you cannot only help brothers and sisters but also multiply yourself, create others like yourself who can do what you are doing. We want to quickly multiply brothers and sisters like you who can speak out all over America and teach other brothers and sisters how to be effective. And then God's power will grow stronger and stronger and Satan will be pushed back very, very quickly.

Satan is trembling in his boots now as you open up and begin to gain the power of effective prayer and the effective mobilization of the spiritual world. He knows the great power that exists in the spiritual world. He has been doing his best to block that power by preventing our brothers and sisters from understanding their own vast potential, their own abilities. But as you begin to open up to those abilities and recognize how much spiritual power you can actually unleash on the earth if you know how to, Satan will just tremble in his boots. It's so fantastic.

We must find many, many more people like you and Rev. Hose and Levy Daugherty. You must help us find such people. You will meet them. You will know them by their heart, which you will feel when you meet them. You must help all these brothers and sisters to expand to their full potential to help save America. Then America will be restored in a very short period of time.

You can also teach other Christian ministers how to develop more effective prayer, and their prayers will become a mighty force in the salvation of America. They will be able to speak to the members of their congregations and to other Christians with the authority that comes from Jesus Christ himself. No one will be able to deny their authority. No one will be able to stand against the power of Jesus Christ as it manifests itself through them to this world. Such great inspiration, such great power is coming.

Use the Ability You Have

Please keep on this pathway. Don't ever give up. Don't ever change your direction, because incredible growth potential is available to you. You'll become a "messiah" for millions of people. You must teach others to be messiahs and to recognize that they already are messiahs.

Teach them that it's just a matter of learning how to effectively use the ability they already have. Show them that we are God's sons and daughters. The angelic realms have so little power when we can stand up as true sons and daughters of True Parents and Heavenly Father.

This is going to be a great victory, a mighty victory. This campaign will bring incredible joy to your hearts, incredible liberation from the bondage Satan has kept mankind in all these thousands of years. It will bring tremendous joy and excitement to the heart of God. What a day, what a day is coming!


August 26, 1987

We want to help you improve your prayers, Jim, so today we will discuss how to make your prayers laser sharp and effective in meeting brothers and sisters where they're at and helping them to be raised up. Your prayers can open up the horizons of their hearts and minds so they can come to new levels. Through prayer, you can help penetrate and break down the barriers so their hearts can be opened up. `.

When you are praying for a person, the most important thing is love; that person should spiritually be able to feel how much you love him. Every person has the ability to naturally sense what he's receiving from another person's heart, especially if it is intense. Since a person may become frightened if your feeling is too intense, you need to be sensitive. Everyone can recognize immediately whether someone is genuine or not. The heart has a lie-detector sensitivity. This aspect of a person's heart is all in the spiritual realm.

Your Spirits are Touching

When you have give and take with a person on the physical plane, he can sense where you're coming from and what your real feelings are toward him. Your spirit is touching his spirit; thus he is sensitive to, spiritually aware, of the actual state of your spirit. In the same way, if you pray for a person, then your spirit can reach that person's spirit even though you're not in physical proximity to each other. As you pray for a person, you must imagine that you are right there in the room with him, just as much as you know you are here with me at this moment and I am with you. It's not actually imagination; it's reality that your spirit is touching his spirit. Our spirits are in contact with each other. As you pray for a person, you must recognize that your spirit is actually in contact with that person's spirit. You may not understand the reality of this so deeply, but I can assure you that your spirit is able to communicate directly with another person's spirit.

To pray effectively for a person, say to him those things that come from the bottom of your heart. Try to express the love God has for that person and His tender feelings for him. That person will subconsciously begin to understand even if he doesn't understand consciously.

I know you've experienced times when you're thinking about a person and that person begins thinking about you. This is the reality of the spiritual world. Every person has spiritual senses, but usually they're so dull and so blocked we are not aware of them. We don't use them very often, and we don't often pay attention when those kind of thoughts come to us. Please recognize that if you start thinking about a person out of the blue, it can mean that that person, at that very moment, is thinking about you.

The kind of thoughts you have had about a particular person and the kind of words you have spoken about him form a substantial reality in the spiritual world and become part of your spirit. When you meet that person physically, your spirits are consciously brought in contact; your thoughts and words spoken about that person can become much more obvious through your physical body. However, your spirits can be in contact even if your physical bodies are not.

The words you express to someone may be harsh words, but if your spirit is loving, that person can sense it. For example, a Korean can run up and grab an American minister from behind, but the minister won't really be offended. He just realizes, "Oh, these Koreans are so pure, so curious, and so loving." He is touched by the gesture actually, rather than being offended, because he feels the spirit of the Korean heart and recognizes that there is no offense meant. There's no maliciousness in the Korean spirit. That's one of the great things about Korean people. They are generally ready to accept and embrace any person, no matter what he looks like.

The Key to the Heart

The second key point is that the heart of the person for whom you are praying needs to be opened. You must find his heart and look for the key to opening it. Many times there are many blocks and barriers to overcome in order for that person to grow, to feel love, and develop a relationship with you. If that person is ever going to be able to change himself -- then the key point is to open his heart. As you practice doing this, you will recognize its effectiveness through your experience.

So how do you pray so that a person will open his heart?

As you pray for a person, imagine in your mind that his heart is opening like a flower blossoming. You can think of the things that are really precious and valuable and loved by that person and send those kinds of things to him. Esau was into material things, so when Jacob sent material things to Esau, Esau's heart was opened. As his heart began to open and he felt that his desire was being fulfilled, he could recognize and overcome his own insecurity about being able to fulfill that selfish desire. He could begin to recognize that that desire was not actually so significant and that there were much more important things in life.

If a person is really in need of food or money then obtaining that thing is his all-consuming desire. He isn't able to open his heart to any other kinds of things that might be more valuable. Until that more external desire is fulfilled, he can't even recognize that it is not the paramount desire in his life -- that there are things much more significant for his spiritual life. It is only when a person's immediate desire is being fulfilled, or he's convinced that it will be fulfilled, that he can then let down his defenses and open his heart.

So the two key points are (1) to be aware that your spirit is meeting the other person's spirit as you pray for him, and (2) to open the other person's heart. Try to find out how to give him what he really needs in order that his heart can feel at ease and open. Then he can begin to reckon with the truth, because truth itself is already in his heart. You don't need to tell him the truth.

The consciousness of one's real need for happiness and how to fulfill that need is actually within every person's heart. But because of people's feelings of not being loved and their desperate desire to get love, Satan can give them a wrong concept -- that the way to satisfy that desperate need for love is to get more money or something external. So the "truth" people have is wrong. They may not even recognize what kind of "truth" they are pursuing. But until that desire is being fulfilled or they can at least have confidence that it's going to be fulfilled, they cannot let themselves be open to the reality of looking for another, deeper way to satisfy their need for love and happiness.

Thank you so much for investing yourself, Jim, for by one person opening up to this deeper spiritual reality, we can offer it to many, many brothers and sisters. This kind of information needs to quickly get out to brothers and sisters everywhere so that their prayers can be more effective.

God bless you. In the name of True Parents, Amen. 

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