The Words of the Stephens Family

Revelations from Heavenly Father

Received through Jim Stephens
March 17 and 18, 1987
Director of the Interdenominational Conferences for Clergy

March 17, 1987 New York City

My Children!

How I love you! How I love you! How much I have always, always, always loved you!

My heart is so moved right now. I'm tingling with the joy of the moment that is coming. Now you are finally starting to come back home to me.

My heart is beginning to burst with the joy, the expectation, and the anticipation of our reunion. How long you have been lost! How dark -- pitch dark -- my life has been without you.

I couldn't feel you anywhere, You were so far, far away -- so lost, so lonely -- and such gruesome bloody butchering was going on all the time. Think if your own little child were ripped away from you and hauled off into hell to be raped and abused and then mutilated!

For generation after generation, for countless eons, there was no hope, not even the flicker of candlelight in the whole universe.

But now that has all changed. It now seems almost like the noonday sun is shining down on the world from heaven, thanks to my son and his bride. I can never, never thank him enough. You can never, never thank him enough. You will never, never know or even be able to understand a small part of what he has done.

The time for crying tears is over. All the pain and anguish will be wiped away. All the misery, all the agony of the cosmos, will be dispelled. The victorious celebration is building up in heaven.

Sparkling rays of light and love are beginning to arc out from the brothers and sisters, connecting them to each other. My children, you will see more and more. You can feel the beginnings of it yourselves here in this room.

Thank you for having the faith and an open heart for me. Thank you for trying to listen and learn Thank you for your desire to fulfill this hope.

I will be with you always. I will never, never leave you.

Heavenly Father

March 18, 1987
New York City


It is so good to see you coming together with an open heart, wanting to come to me in prayer. So many of you for so long have come to prayer out of obligation. It's hard for my heart to feel joy when your motivation to talk to me is just because you have to or were told to and so you try to get it over with as soon as possible.

Now when you want to talk to me, I feel so much closer to you, and it's so much easier for me to come down to you. It's like when your own best friend can't wait to talk to you. That makes you feel so good. It's the same for me.

Many of my children have stopped praying because they didn't feel like it. I can at least accept their sincerity more easily than the attitude of those who pray only reluctantly out of obligation. I understand how it's so hard for you to believe and accept the reality of a substantial, living -- yes, even conversational -- relationship with me.

All of you were meant to be able to share with me, as you would to your deepest friend, at the very instant your heart wants to reach out to mine.

Please take even one tiny step. Look at a baby: How many times does it stutter and mumble when it is first learning how to speak?

I am so grateful to the True Parents and Heung Jin Nim for opening these doorways so I can come down and speak with you. Their sacrifice has been incredible.

Be brave now. Keep opening all those doors, the many doors that were closed on your hearts. You can actually "become like children" to me, as my son Jesus said.

Praise the True Parents and work hard.

Heavenly Father 

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