The Words of the Stephens Family

Happy New Year Family!

Miilhan Stephens
January 1, 2015

Dear Family,

Happy New Year!

I want to thank all of you for your devotion to God and True Parents this past year. I also definitely want to thank my staff and all the volunteers who made everything possible. They each have gone above and beyond all expectation. It's amazing what God can do despite the fact we all have other full time jobs.

What a year! It certainly has been a busy one never to be forgotten. Some notable events that come to mind are getting the Melford Community Center, the God's Hope for America Tour, and all the holiday Sunday events including Mother's Day and the holy Days. We've also sent off a few of our dear brothers and sisters. May they be rejoined with our True Father, Jesus, and God in spirit world.

I've felt that we've come closer together as a family and are more determined than ever to create a community that can welcome our new generation. With all the babies being born his year, I can't help but feel God's joy and hope. There's nothing more life changing than children becoming parents and parents becoming grandparents. We have a bright future ahead of us.

Thinking ahead, I'm excited to jump start this new year with our True Mother. I'm reminded how blessed we are to have her leadership at this pinnacle time. I'm learning that she not only has vision but she's sharp and doesn't hesitate to challenge us to carry out our responsibility. As we know America has been rapidly declining, and I believe our true recovery and success starts with the love and guidance from God and True Parents. Let's make a new resolve to stay tuned into the heart of True Mother this year as we pray and carry out our individual callings.

I sincerely thank you all for your undying faith and support for God and True Parents.

Let's kick it in 2015 with solid goals and resolutions!

God bless you and your family,
Miilhan, Sayaka, and Ayumi 

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