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Support Bob, Eva, and Alie's online witnessing initiative!

Miilhan Stephens
April 16, 2014

Dear Family, Here's a great chance to support a local initiative to witness online, led by Uncle Bob, Aunt Eva, and Alie!

Pastor Miilhan

Dear brothers and sisters,

Eva recently started a website and blog, designed by our brother Alie . It's devoted to putting excerpts from Father's autobiography on the web, with introductions written by Bob Selle and original artwork by our dear sister Saori. And Bob has developed a site where he blogs about biblical, theological, and personal issues related to Easter.

We try to increase traffic to the sites by sending out a MailChimp email to our contact lists each time we post something. The goal: to find people who are interested in the points embodied in Father's teaching, engage with the people online (and eventually in person -- one on one and at church), and to educate them in living a life of true love and building a world of true love.

Simple, right? Not quite. To succeed, we need an ever-expanding circle of visitors to the sites. We've started that with our own email contact lists, but we need your help. Would you consider going to each site ( and and signing up to be notified about our posts to the sites? The posts will be inspiring and worthwhile, we can assure you! At each website, just click on the "Stay in Touch" tab.

And one more thing. Please feel free to share these sites, or links to any of the blog posts, with any of your friends or family. If you wish, you can even give a list of email addresses to Alie (he'll provide you with an Excel form for you to input them) and we'll make sure your contacts receive an unobtrusive, no- pressure, inspiring notice about each blog post. We hope you can consider the sites a step toward bringing your friends and relatives to embrace the Principle and God's ideal.

And one last thing. If you happen to have any websites of your own, please consider linking to ours, and we will do the same with yours.

Thank you so much for your help and for all you're doing for God and His love!

Blessings, Eva, Bob, and Alie

PS -- Please browse the sites -- and -- to gauge their possibilities for you and your contacts. The GPC site has four tabs: a homepage with access to the posts, an About Us page that describes the administrators, a Stay in Touch page for people to sign up to receive emails, and a Founder page with access to Father's autobiography e-book and a 10-minute video about Father's life.

The RDE site is designed to help people improve their relationship with Jesus by relating with the real Jesus. It has nine tabs: a homepage with an introduction, a Posts page, an About page, a Background on who the real Jesus was and is, four tabs relating to Holy Week and the Ascension, and a Stay in Touch tab.

We wish you happy reading and happy sharing of the Good News! 

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