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Church Council Elections: Apply!

Miilhan Stephens
March 13, 2014

A message form the New Hope Family Church Election Committee. Please consider running if you feel so called. Now is a great time to play a key role in the exciting developments ahead!

Pastor Miilhan

Church Council Elections Begin

Dear New Hope Family Church Members:

Nominations for a seat on the church council are now officially under way! This is a great opportunity to be part of the local church governing body and help make important decisions. First and Second Generation members are welcome equally to run.

From now until April 15, 2014, the council is accepting nominations for the three seats currently available. After the nominating process, elections will begin in mid-April and conclude by the end of April. The term of office is for two years.

Any blessed member of the New Hope congregation, at least 18 years old and a resident of Maryland for at least one year, may run for this position. Please pray and give a lot of thought to serving on this important body.

You may nominate yourself or someone else (with their agreement, please) up until April 15. Send all nominations by email to New Hope Family Church Elections. Please include the nominating person's name and the nominated person's name and contact information (phone, cell, email)

We would also like to have a few paragraphs about the nominee that includes brief background and why you would like to serve on the New Hope Family Church Council. This information will be shared with the congregation.

Thank you.

The New Hope Family Church Election Committee:

Larry Moffitt, Bill Selig, Arthur Herstein

Please contact one of the above three people for additional information. You may also wish to speak to individual council members regarding their experience as a council person.

Current council members: Joanne Parrish (chair), Doug Burton, Beverly Berndt, Christoph Wilkening, Shio Roschuni, Miken Jenkins, Deb Gertz

Additionally, the church charter will be made available to anyone who would like it. 

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