The Words of the Stephens Family

Happy New Year!

Miilhan Stephens
January 1, 2014

Dear New Hope Family,

I first want to thank everyone for the warm holiday cheer and of course the lovely greeting cards and gifts. We were delighted to receive them. I hope everyone is enjoying company with family and friends for New Years!

So we begin a new unstained, fresh year in just a few hours. Like new snow, untrampled upon, a clean slate. With that comes opportunity and resolve to become a better father or mother, aunt or uncle, brother or sister, grandpa or grandma.

While we're finalizing our goals for 2014, I'm reminded of our True Parents, pushing every ounce of their spirit into public service for God and mankind in order to lay the foundation for the future world of peace to stand on. I'm also reminded of the remarkable sacrifices our 1st generation made to not only build this church institution but more importantly this sacred global family as followers of Father and Mother Moon. I also feel for us 2nd gen that were given great blessings and with that enormous responsibility without our choosing.

Brothers and Sisters, Aunt and Uncles, I want to honor all of our past sacrifices by pledging to take New Hope Family Church to the next level in 2014. Yes, we can be and do so much more. Let's each make sincere goals that God and True Parents can be proud of!

Wishing you many blessings and love to you and your family!

Pastor Miilhan 

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