The Words of the Stephens Family

A New Holy Ground in Bowie: Your Location Suggestions

Miilhan Stephens and Jim Boothby
May 31, 2013

Dear Maryland Family,

What are your suggestions as to a possible Bowie Holy Ground location? We are asking for your input and suggestions. What would you say as to any specific ideas for a Holy Ground location in Bowie where we can gather and pray?

We have two acutely important issues before us. 1.) The new location property search and 2.) True Mother's urgent request to reach more people with the Divine Principle message. Both these issues have potentially long standing and wide ranging implications if we are not able to successfully address them! The overarching desperate importance of both of these challenges seems to clearly indicate the need for more group prayer efforts to move the spirit world.

Bowie is pretty clearly the geographical epicenter of our MD membership with over 50 families listing Bowie addresses. A great Bowie holy ground location in a public park-type setting where we could frequently join one another for sustained group prayer could be huge asset for us.

A suitable Bowie holy ground needs the following:

1.) Central location, easy access close as possible to the central junction of Rt 197 and Rt 450
2.) Spacious open territory on public land, at the same time "hidden", yet public
3.) Spiritual atmosphere, protected and somewhat natural, at same time "in " the city
4.) Safety after dark, away from potential interrupting pedestrians
5.) Convenient proximate parking
6.) Some kind of after dark lighting

After much searching, driving and even using satellite imaging by Google Earth, our search team has proposed Acorn Hill Park near the intersection of Rt 450 and Stony brook. While no location is perfect, Acorn Hill Park, long used by our Second Gen as a Frisbee playing sight on Sundays actually quite well satisfies almost all 6 requirements. And of course, we realize Acorn Hill may not be perfect in every regard. More than criticism of it as a suggestion, we're looking for positive proposals which might be better then Acorn Hill.

Please then offer your additional suggestions for sites that would satisfy the 6 criteria as well as or better than Acorn Hill and send them to us.

We look foreword to being able to conclude and consecrate a Bowie holy ground quickly in order to be used by those praying during the 21 Day "Find our New Location Prayer" on these beautiful mild evenings that began 5 days ago on Monday May 27 and which concludes on June 17.


Pastor Miilhan and Jim Boothby 

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