The Words of the Stephens Family

Announcement of Results of MD Church Council

Miilhan Stephens
May 3, 2013

Dear Maryland Family,

The results of the Maryland Church Council Election are in!

Congratulations to Miken Jenkins, Joanne Parrish, and Shio Roschuni for winning the three open seats on the Maryland Church Council!

The vote counts for all six candidates are: Miken Jenkins: 130 votes; Joanne Parrish: 89 votes; Shio Roschuni: 89 votes; Will Stein: 86 votes; James Stewart: 61 votes; Debra Gertz: 57 votes. Special thanks go to all six candidates, members of the Election Committee, and to all of you who participated in the election.

Let's welcome them and also show our appreciation for the service of the members stepping down: Arthur Herstein, Dinshaw Dadachanji, and Jim Boothby.

God bless,

Pastor Miilhan 

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