The Words of the Stephens Family

Maryland Unification Church Pastor Exploration Team

Miilhan Stephens
January 21, 2013

Dear Maryland Church Community:

Yesterday at Church Service, we announced the new Maryland Pastor Exploration Team. This group of four committed community members were selected by the Maryland Church Council after an exhaustive nomination and interview process as the best candidates to fill the position of Pastor and Associate Pastors. We have decided to work with them for a period of three months, allowing each of them to experience and explore the various responsibilities and tasks that the Pastor is ultimately responsible for. While the Pastor will not actually do the hands-on work in all these areas (many tasks and responsibilities will be taken up by Associate Pastors and Ministry Leaders), each one of the team needs to fully grasp all the issues involved in each area. We have created a three month plan that puts each member of the team in one of four areas for a period of three weeks.

Note: This will not be the permanent organization for Unification Church Maryland. After the three month period, one of them will be selected as the Pastor. The others on the team may decide to volunteer for Associate Pastor roles, but we remain open to any and all who might like to volunteer within this next three months. And during this exploration period, each member of the team will give a sermon at a Sunday service.

Last Thursday, we met with the team and decided on the first three week period. Each volunteered for their three week area. We have included their email and phone so you can contact them as you have needs, concerns and questions.

Acting Pastor: Miilhan Stephens
Outreach: Kyoho Jones
"Inreach": Lorman Lykes
Admin / Communications: Jim Boothby

As you know, Youth Ministry and the Sunday Service Creative Team Ministry are already being ably led by Kealeigh Moffitt. And recently, Cynthia Jones agreed to be the Young Adult Ministry Coordinator.

Once again, the Pastor Explorer Team roles above are for a three week period beginning yesterday, February 20th. Please welcome them with your support! 

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