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Parents' Matching Convocation in Europe on April 24-26

Jim Stephens
March 31, 2009

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Here is a quick note about the upcoming Parents Matching Convocation in Germany. If you are interested to attend, go to their website for the registration details:

Hiromi and I are not going, but Margret Orr, BFD Matching Support Staff, is going to attend. If you are interested in your BC candidate being displayed over there, please make sure that Margret is aware of it. She can represent your family over there if you let her know about it.

Below are some of the plans we have for Margret in Germany.

Contact Margret Orr

God bless,


How Margret Orr can help matching American BCs at the European PMC.

1. Collect USA candidates’ profiles from parents who are interested in searching for prospective matches among Europeans.

2. Bring them to Germany and display them during the PMC in Germany.

3. Parents might want to use the International Matching Website for BC ( to collect and take care of the USA candidates' data and photos. Once you upload the information, you don’t need to send it physically but you can print them anywhere.

4. To communicate with families and figure out how to support and help them.

5. Be a Mediator for USA-Europe matchings. 

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