The Words of the Stephens Family

Remember the gift of Holy Wine for Christmas

Jim Stephens
November 4, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Are you thinking of Christmas gifts for your family and friends yet?

Remember that you could buy them a bottle of Holy Wine on the Internet. It comes with 3 different labels depending on how much information you want them to know. The wine inside is a very high quality wine, nothing cheap tasting.

Here is the website where you can buy it:

In such an era, True Parents have instructed all blessed families to live based on their own responsibility. The time has come when each of us is responsible for our own life, that is, for creating a hoondok family church and being a tribal messiah. "Your family is a church. Teach the heavenly way in your family, set the family tradition, and give the blessing to expand the heavenly lineage." Isn't that the way? Some time ago True Father said, "Let all people in Korea, whether babies or adults, drink holy wine and so give them the blessing." What does this mean? If all people drink holy wine, the foothold of Satan disappears. Our second and third generations and our further descendants will be able to live freer and safer lives.
Comment from Reverend Hwang
The Significance of the Kingship of Peace

God bless,


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