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Invite some young couple for dinner

Jim Stephens
October 1, 2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last weekend Hiromi and I had a wonderful experience with 5 young Second Generation couples.

We were up in Bridgeport and had a breakfast get together with the young couples that live in the area.

It was a great joy for us. We especially asked them about how they got matched, what the process was, and any kind of advice they could give us for helping parents match their kids. I realized something really simple that can help tremendously (I think).

I suggest that if you have children that are of matching age or approaching matching age, then you would be wise to invite a young matched couple over to your house for dinner. The purpose would be to have them share with you and your children about their experience.

It's fairly easy for them since it's just a testimony. Also they get a free home cooked meal.

Lots of very good things happen.

Parents can learn what it's like from the BC's point of view about matching.

Parents in one evening get a great education about what to expect or not expect.

Other BCs get to hear what it's like to get matched.

Younger BCs get to learn the details of the process so they will know what they are getting into in the future.

Younger BCs can come to realize that matching might be a whole lot better than dating and doing it all on your own like their school friends.

BCs make a heartistic connection to each other so those not yet matched have someone they can talk to about it.

The BC couples that are successful can multiply their success to other families, maybe avoiding heartbreaks.

It seems like a big win-win for all of us including "the church".

Please make a goal with us to have some young couple over to dinner during October. (If there is no BC couple, then invite some other parents over to discuss it.) Talk to your BFD Representative for more information about who is available.

God bless,


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