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Parents' Matching Convocation this weekend at UTS

Jim Stephens
October 23, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This memo is for all parents (children 16 or older) planning to attend the Parents' Matching Convocation coming up this weekend in Barrytown.

Registration starts on Friday at 5:00pm.

We have a jam packed schedule that starts at 8:00pm on Friday so please be early if you can. Read it here.

Be sure to register in advance on-line at: (Scroll down the page for the form).

We're preparing nice Name Badges for everyone, but you have to register by Thursday night or we can't make you one because we leave for Barrytown early on Friday.

Here are some other things that it would be good to bring.

Things To Bring

1. Hoon Dok Hae Material. Please bring your book of the Peace Message.
2. Handouts or flyers of your contact information. Include name, email, address, and phone.
This can be a business card size or bigger.
Very helpful to include a picture of your candidate(s) as well.
3. Additional Candidate Profile Information.
Other parents like to read messages from the candidates themselves so try to bring a short essay by your BC.
Reference letters from other adults are also helpful.
4. Laptop computer.
2 Matching websites will be presented at the PMC.
Help and support will be available in how to use them.
Remember the cord for connecting to the Internet jack.
5. Digital pictures of your BC candidates and a family photo.
A computer memory stick can be helpful.
Bring digital pictures and profile information for uploading.

Already 190 people are registered so it will be a good crowd.

God bless,


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