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Update On First Generation Blessing Workshop

Jim Stephens
May 24, 2007

This is an update on the Blessing Workshop for First Generation to be held in Barrytown, June 8-10.


Please plan to arrive by 7:00 pm on Friday night, June 8.

Departures will be after 2:00 pm on Sunday.


Basic details and on-line Registration is on the Internet. Click on this link: Please forward this to others and tell them about it since many do not get these emails.

Preparations BEFORE coming to the workshop

We ask all attendees to look over all the requirements for matching and Blessing on the following webpage:

If you are seeking to be matched soon, then before you come to Barrytown, please prepare your photos, fill out your interview/confession and meet with your church leader, fill out your Application for Matching, and get the other documents that are required.

Be sure you are connected to your local church leader and your situation is reported to your District Director. More and more it is important that church leaders know you in order for you to participate in the matching process. As the number of candidates becomes larger and larger, we have to create a system of working through personal relationships and referrals in order to make successful matches for everyone's best sake.

As the system develops, leaders as well as members are learning what makes for the best education and preparation for matching and Blessed family life. So please make the effort that is required to cooperate as we build something together that will lay the foundation for the future peace kingdom. Laying a strong foundation is often the hardest course, so let's all be patient with each other. This is why we are asking you to meet with your leaders before coming to the you will be the best prepared.

The Blessing is not simply marriage or simply getting a spouse. It's not like going shopping. Please don't "witness" to people like it is a marriage in the worldly sense. The Blessing is the ultimate and also the most intimate of restoration of your fallen nature. How else can you reach perfection of your character and oneness with God? The Blessing is essentially "salvation". If people come into the Blessing with the wrong attitude, great harm can be caused for them and others, and God and True Parents as well.

In general we expect that any candidate for the matching should be an "active" church member for a minimum of one year. They should have studied the Divine Principle at least to the level of 7-Day content but preferably 21-Day. They should accept True Parents. By "active" church member, we are talking about someone who attends church regularly, contributes their time through service activities, and contributes financially to the church.

Filling out the forms for Application for Matching, getting the proper photos, etc. are small and simple conditions that demonstrate a serious attitude toward the value of the Blessing. We cannot over estimate the value of the Blessing (Change of Blood Lineage) being offered by True Parents. All members and leaders need to deeply honor the Blessing in their hearts and inherit this reverence for the Blessing to anyone interested in seeking the Blessing. True Parents can give the Blessing for "free", but it "costs" you a lot. Essentially, you have to give up your old life to gain a new life.

If a person does not have a sincere and serious attitude toward the matching and the Blessing, then we have a hard time seeing them as a valid candidate for matching.

If someone comes to you seeking to marry your son or daughter, you would take a very serious attitude in evaluating them because the eternal happiness of your own child is at stake. Each of our members is the son or daughter of True Parents and Heavenly Father and our own brother or sister. Let's all connect to God's heart concerning matching.

Jim Stephens

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