The Words of the Stephens Family

Information About Matching On May 5

Jim Stephens
April 25, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

To all First Gen candidates for matching:

On May 5th there will be a leaders meeting with Dr. Yang and Mrs. Erikawa for the purpose of trying to make as many matches among First Gen matching candidates as they can.

1. Make sure that you contact your District Director's office and find out the person that will be coming to the meeting. That person will want to talk to you to find out all about your situation before they attend the meeting.

If you are not connected to the District Blessing Coordinator, then there is less chance you can get matched. The leaders will be making introductions of their candidates and proposing matches to Dr. Yang and Mrs. Erikawa, so if they know you better, then they can do a better job.

Please don't contact the BFD directly. Connect through your church leaders.

Be sure to let them know whether or not you attended the Amnesty Ceremony with Dae Mo Nim.

2. Make sure that you have submitted all the required documents and photos.

Go to this webpage:

Recent photos are best. Be sure there are 2 photos, both 8" x 10" that show your head and shoulders and your full length. We ask for recent photos where you look really dressed up and nice because they might end up in a photo album for True Parents if you get Blessed.

New application forms were created recently which contain more personal information. This will help us in the matching process so please use these new forms. (I know you hate filling out forms, but please be serious. We want to do our best.) If you don't submit the new forms, we will only be able to use the old information, which will not be as helpful.

Do your best to get the HIV and STD tests. We know it may be too short notice to get an appointment now, but they will need to be completed before the Blessing.

If you complete your forms at the last minute, the leader can bring them to the meeting.

3. Please pray for us and all the candidates.

Thanks and God bless,

Jim Stephens

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