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 Announcement - Parents' Matching Convocation

Jim and Hiromi Stephens
April 16, 2007


TO: District Directors, State, and Local Church Leaders, Blessed Family Department Representatives; for all Blessed Couples with Second Generation eligible for Matching
FROM: Jim and Hiromi Stephens, Co-Directors of the BFD, USA
DATE: April 16, 2007
RE: Convocation for Parentsí Matching Livermore, California on May 26-28, 2007

This Memorandum is to announce the Second Parentís Matchmaking Convocation to be held in Livermore, California (SF Bay Area) on May 26 to 28, 2007 (Memorial Day Weekend). All Blessed parents worldwide who have children currently eligible for matching are invited.

Support For Parents

This Convocation is designed to address the two main challenges that parents encounter in matching their children.

A. Identifying potential marriage candidates. Parents commonly lament that, "We donít know enough people." They are limited in their outreach and ability to go beyond their own community and circle of friends. Some parents want "exchange marriages", but do not have any connections to families in other nations and cultures, nor do they have a way to bridge the barriers such as language, culture, and race.

B. Identifying a clear and meaningful matchmaking process. Parents desire to hear the matchmaking experiences of other parents and the lessons they have learned. Many parents ask for guidance from the Divine Principle and True Parents perspective on how to make matches.

Parentsí Matching Convocation Is Launched

In order to support Blessed parents, both in America and abroad, the Blessed Family Department-USA organized a successful Parentsí Matching Convocation in Barrytown, in October, 2006.

Based on the experiences of that convocation and an overwhelmingly positive response for additional convocations, we will be holding the second such convocation at the end of May, 2007, in California. We are also planning a third convocation in the autumn back on the East Coast.

New to this second convocation will be guidance for parents who are seeking education and information on how to prepare for sending their Second Generation to the matching by True Parents. This guidance was not a part of the last convocation and will be an important and valuable addition. Many parents are asking for help in this area. In some families, one child may prefer a matching by True Parents and a different child may prefer to be matched by their parents. Convocation Sessions will include:

Testimonies from parents who have matching experience.
Guidance for a broad range of important considerations in the matchmaking process.
How to use the AbsoluteLove.Org matching website.
Opportunity to display photos and share with other parents about your eligible BC.
Opportunity to view pictures and profiles of over 200 candidates whose parents may or may not be attending the Convocation.
Opportunity to speak with church representatives from other countries.
Ample time to meet and talk to other parents, share contact information, exchange thoughts

If you cannot attend, you are still strongly urged to send pictures and profile/biographical information which can be displayed at the convocation.

Efforts will be made to invite church leaders and parents in other nations to this Convocation.

Further details and updates are available on the following webpage:


In the summer of 2001, True Parents bequeathed to Blessed Couples the authority and responsibility to match their children who had met the proper age and other requirements.

In December, 2004, True Parents initiated a four-year providence to match and Bless Second Generation who meet the Cheon Il Guk standard. The authorization clearly remains in place and has continued for parents to match their own children. It was never withdrawn. The authority for giving the Blessing itself has always remained with True Parents and the official HSA Blessing ceremony. Sincerely,

Jim and Hiromi Stephens
Blessed Family Department

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