The Words of the Stephens Family

Last Call for Blessing Workshop for First Gen

Jim Stephens
April 8, 2007

Hi First Gen,

Last call for First Gen who want to attend the Blessing Workshop next weekend at the Ramada Plaza Hotel near LAX airport.

You must register online at this link:

You must register by Tuesday, April 10, because we have to tell the hotel how many rooms we will need and how many meals to prepare.

All the details are at the following link:

This Blessing Workshop is a requirement to be Blessed.

Please spread the word through your church email lists.

Just to let you know what is going on now, we are working with Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins on formulating a plan to hold a "Matching Conference" of leaders in the beginning of May.

Since many new members will likely be joining in the coming months and years, we need a process for matching all First Generation. So we have to get something going.

So by early May all eligible candidates for matching will send in their applications and pictures. Many matches will be made and the candidates will be contacted. These matches will be tentative because the candidates will have about two months to get to know each other and decide if they accept each other. If they accept each other by the end of June, then they can go to locally held Commitment Ceremonies. They are then eligible to attend the next Blessing. Everyone is asking when the next Blessing is going to be held. We don't know for sure because no official announcement has come from Korea. The minute that I receive the announcement, I will be sending it out to this email list (rest assured). We are hoping it will be in early July during the Sports Festival, BUT THERE IS NO announcement yet.

In preparation for the very serious process of matchings, we have prepared a new Application for Matching Form. In order to make the most successful matches, we feel that we need to ask deeper and more serious information on the Application for Matching Form than in the past. So you will see there have been a lot of changes.

Other forms are being revised as well and an announcement will be coming soon.

Thanks very much. I trust you have had a wonderful Easter,


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