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Correction about Dr. Masuda's book

Jim Stephens
March 15, 2007

My wife thought that I might have given the wrong impression about Dr. Masuda's book. So a correction and apology are in order.

It is not a "sex book" and we have not become just champions of good sex for Blessed Couples.

Dr. Masuda very much takes the approach of a medical doctor toward sex and its benefits. He also has a very humble attitude and glorifies God's amazing and awesome creation of husbands and wives and families.

The book also deals substantially with good parenting as well as good health and how family's can work better together for God's providence. He spends time showing the benefits for the children and how to help them find happiness.

I wish to apologize for any mischaracterization on my part of the heart of the book and for minimizing its value by highlighting only the "bedroom relationship". (I feel like a politician.)

God bless,


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