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Announcement: New book "Love, Sex, and Health" by Dr. Masuda

Jim Stephens
March 15, 2007

Dr. Yoshihiko Masuda who teaches at the Theological Seminary at Chung Pyung in Korea has just published a new book titled "Love, Sex, and Health".

The book is in Japanese, but he is saying he will have an English translation by the end of this year.

He published two books before on husband and wife relationships and sex according to True Father and Dae Mo Nim's words.

My wife and I brought back 30 copies of his new book from Korea when we were over there in February. Order fast before they are all gone. I'm having another case sent over by ship which takes a month or more.

This book is great. My wife finished reading it already. You brothers with Japanese wives should definitely buy a copy of this book for her if you want to improve your relationship in the bedroom (CIG with God).

Have a great weekend.


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