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Teleclass Recording Now On The Internet

Jim Stephens
January 20, 2007

Greetings everyone,

It is really a pleasure to announce that we have begun our free teleclasses for 2007.

The BFD will be sponsoring about 2 per month for this year, so you will be able to get lots of great education and information.

We recorded the last teleclass by John Williams on Jan. 18 and we are really thrilled to be able to start getting out this education to our families.

The recording of the call is now on the Internet.

John Williams first class was titled: Skilled Complaining: How to Get Better Results When Asking Loved Ones to Change.

About 30 to 40 brothers and sisters were on the phone. I totally want to encourage you to listen to the recording for the benefit it can bring to your family. Even it's valuable for your friends and neighbors.

You can listen in "streaming audio" on your computer.

You can also download the file and (1) burn it to a CD to listen in your car or (2) put it on an iPod for listening.

Play it for your family meetings along with Hoon Dok Hwe. Play it for your in home meetings with your neighbors for their benefit.

On the Internet, there is a master page where all future teleclasses will be archived:

You can also find it from the main BFD homepage (look for the purple button in the middle):

Special thanks again to all those that are donating to the BFD. Your support is greatly appreciated and is benefiting everyone else. If you are able to contribute, see the information below. Even $5 a month when added together helps greatly.


Jim Stephens

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