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Announcement: Free Telephone Seminar, "Skilled Complaining"

Jim Stephens
January 3, 2007

Brothers and sisters,

Mark your calendars for Thursday evening, Jan. 18.

Following up on the free educational teleseminar we did for Second Gen. back in December on Sexual Intimacy, we have a new one coming in two weeks. This time it's for spouses and parents.

This promises to be very helpful and insightful to all of us, so sign up to get on the free conference call. Below is the announcement for "Skilled Complaining: How to Get Better Results When Asking Loved Ones to Change". The speaker will be John Williams.

Webpage for information on the Teleseminars:

Webpage for BFD Schedule of activities (the red button in the middle of the BFD homepage)

John Williams will be presenting a free teleseminar each month in 2007. Furthermore, we are planning an additional free educational teleseminar program each month with other speakers. Additionally, John Williams and one other trained professional will be visiting one District or population center each month for a 2 day live seminar. The weekend program will start on Friday night with a program for members and guests. Then on Saturday, there will be an all day program for members. First up is Washington, DC, on Jan. 26-27.

God bless,


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