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Calling All First Gen Candidates For Matching

Jim and Hiromi Stephens
December 27, 2006

Hi everyone,

This message is for single First Gen members that are candidates for matching. Please pass it along to them.

It is our hope at the Blessed Family Department to help arrange matchings for candidates that are prepared and have fulfilled the requirements for the Blessing Ceremony.

Please see the following webpage for requirements:

As has already been announced, there will be a Blessing Workshop in Barrytown, Jan. 12-14, 2007. Registration is on-line at:

For all those who cannot attend the Blessing Workshop, but still wish to be considered a candidate for matching at this time, it is absolutely essential that you submit a Matching Application form and pictures. You can get the Application form on the following website:

Send the application to us at the address that appears at the bottom of this email.

There will be a Blessing Ceremony in Korea this summer. The Inter-religious Peace Sports Festival is being held in Korea from July 15 to 26 and the Blessing Ceremony is usually held near the end of the events.

We expect (but cannot guarantee) that True Father will hold a matching for Second Generation and possibly young, pure First Generation (he did it in Dec. 2005).

We are hoping to help arrange matchings for First Generation throughout the winter months in order to allow them time to meet each other and commit to going to the Blessing Ceremony in July.

All candidates, please try to attend the Blessing Workshop in January. If you cannot attend, please submit your Application for our files. If you do not submit an application, we have no way of knowing that you want to be matched and there is no possibility that we could suggest a match for you. If a match is suggested, each candidate has final authority to accept or not accept.

We are looking forward to an exciting year.

God bless,

Jim and Hiromi Stephens and the Blessed Family Department

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