The Words of the Stephens Family

We're Back From City #12

Jim and Hiromi Stephens
December 18, 2006

Brothers and Sisters,

Hiromi and I were in Chicago over the weekend and had a great time with the members there. Illinois is my home state.

Chicago was the 12th city on our 12 City Tour that we set as a goal for 2006.

We are very excited to have finished the tour. It was an amazing experience to be able to visit brothers and sisters all over America. We feel sorry that most members never get a chance to do that and realized that we should have taken lots more pictures and made them available for you to see.

Chicago church kept us busy with meetings for the whole weekend. On Friday night we met with First Generation members that are candidates for matching and Blessing. On Saturday morning we met with about 27 BC's and talked with them about their identity as BC's and about matching. On Saturday afternoon we met with 10-15 couples and give our talk about Husband-Wife relationships and the differences between men and women. Saturday evening we had a huge pot luck dinner and then spoke with over 35 parents about matching their children. On Sunday we gave the sermon and shared about "Appreciating the Divine Principle's place in history" and "Ministries of the Blessed Family Department".

David Rendel, the new District Director, and Fumie Ikeda, the BFD District Coordinator, did a great job taking care of us and our schedule. With all the providential events of the 1,200 Event Speaking Tour, it is so great to see so many brothers and sisters taking ownership and creating programs. It freed up the leaders to be with us. We heard quite a few testimonies of new relationships and how God has been working in people's lives.

A special thanks to Alan and Ritsuko Davidson for their hospitality and taking us in to their home.

We also want to publicly thank all the other wonderful families that treated us with such kindness and love throughout this past year in all the cities we visited.

God bless you all and have a wonderful Christmas.

Jim and Hiromi

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