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Commitment Ceremony for Second Generation Matching

Jim Stephens
December 8, 2006

Hi everyone,

I have just posted a webpage that explains about a Commitment Ceremony for matched BC couples and their parents.

We encourage parents who have matched or will be matching their Second Generation to check out this information.

It is important that all family members that are part of the matching be involved and committed to the whole process. Having an official ceremony not only marks an historical day in the relationship for the new couple but also makes a spiritual line in time for their commitment to the matching and future Blessing. It eliminates any confusion. It is a point of taking ownership of the relationship when the young couple has decided to go forward publicly.

If you are interested in a sample of the parts of the ceremony and 2 sample pledges that we know of, please click on the link above.

We welcome your feedback and other suggestions or testimonies that would be helpful to other families.

God bless,


Pledge to our Future Son/Daughter-in-law

Second Generation Matching Report (pdf)

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