The Words of the Stephens Family

Report: Parents Matching Convocation

Jim Stephens
October 29, 2006

The Parents Blessing Convocation on October 27-29 at UTS convened 145 participants representing over 100 families. Participants enjoyed a mixture of spiritual guidance as well as practical details and activities for getting to know each other. Rev. Phillip Schanker, Family Federation Vice President for Education, Rev. Kazushi Mito, President of American CARP, and Rev. Inguk Seo, Director of the Second Generation Department, gave presentations on parenting, Blessed Children's identity and marriage preparation.

Discussion groups in the morning and afternoon activities that enabled parents to meet and share their parenting experiences, hope and expectations.

Conference co-director Jim Stephens, who with his wife Hiromi directs the Blessed Family Department, wrote, "I think most of us felt that we were part of something very special and that God was very close the whole weekend and wanted to be intimately connected and involved at every stage of matching and Blessing. I sure did.

At various points during the Convocation, members were asked to share inspirations and new realizations. Some were so profound, almost life changing realizations of what the Heavenly Kingdom would be like or getting God's perspective on our children and how He feels about His lineage that we are creating. There was a general feeling expressed that we were all one big family and that many barriers were melted away."

Rev. Stephens created a webpage with the PowerPoint presentations that were given, reflections, and pictures, to enable members in various locations to get together and create Mini versions of what happened, either through a weekend event or series of weekly meetings.

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