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Volunteers Needed For Staff For Blessing Workshop May 27-29

Jim Stephens
May 5, 2005


As already announced, we will be holding a Blessing Workshop for First Generation in New Jersey.

Time: Friday, May 27, 4:00pm to Sunday, May 29, 2:00pm (Memorial Day Weekend)

Place: Carmel Retreat Center, Mahwah, New Jersey

Who: Workshop is for First Generation matching candidates

Accommodations: Hotel style rooms and beds for 25 members. Beyond that will be sleeping bags.

Volunteers needed: We are looking for 3 or 4 staff members to prepare meals and snacks and do general affairs. Anyone may apply. Experience preferred.

Rewards: All spiritual.

God will certainly be there and He will appreciate your sacrifice. Experience the content of the lectures for free. You can experience nature at a beautiful retreat center. You will be a big help to your brothers and sisters and they will be very grateful.

Lifelong (even eternal) new friendships.


Any leftover food.

How to apply: Please write me a short email and introduce yourself (if I don't know you) and tell me what you would like to help with.

Thanks in advance,


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