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Meeting Last Saturday For Parents About Matching And Weekend Events

Jim Stephens
March 13, 2005

Hi Everyone,

Hiromi and I just got back from a 3 day trip up to the New Jersey area.

Saturday we attended a parents meeting for matching. Mrs. Takahashi brought the binders of all the pictures and biographical information that she has been collecting. It is primarily for BC's who are 21 and over. The meeting went very well.

Hiromi and I brought all the pictures home to the DC area and we are going to be holding another similar meeting here in about 2 weeks.

So any parents who want to have their BC's photo(s), a family photo, and biographical information included in these binders can mail it to our address below or email it to me. And we'll put it in the binders. (This information does not go on the website. It is kept confidential and only displayed at these meetings or at Belvedere in consultation with Mrs. Takahashi.)

I also attended a meeting of Second Generation Blessed Couples organized by Joni Choi and Alan Saunders. This meeting was to train older Second Gen. how to be "mentor couples" for the new Second Gen. couples and begin the process of connecting the new couples with a mentor couple. There were a lot of Sec. Gen. there, maybe 40.

On Sunday after church we attended a meeting for parents who have Blessed Children with Special Needs. About 15 to 20 parents were able to attend the meeting. Yoshi and Fran Ichijo (National Coordinators for the Special Needs Ministry) led the meeting and gave a wonderful powerpoint presentation of the many aspects of parents heart and God's heart for these children.

We want to give heartfelt thanks to Rev. Dong Woo Kim and all the members in New Jersey for loving us up.

God bless you,


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