The Words of the Stephens Family

News About The Next Matching And Blessing

Jim Stephens
March 4, 2005


I thought I should share what I know about the next matching and Blessing since many people have asked us.

This is not an official announcement. This is the information that I have for now. Please be aware that sometimes things change in our church from the way that they are scheduled or announced. Life is like that. (You already knew that right.)

After that disclaimer, here is what I believe today, March 4, 2005, to be true.

1. There is not going to be any matching and Blessing by True Father in April as he himself talked about in February. I do not know why. I will not even guess if you ask me. I would ask that if you repeat this to someone else, that you don't make up a reason. That's how strange rumors get started.

I received this information from the Blessed Family Dept. in Korea.

2. There will be a matching and Blessing in Korea at the end of July or early August.

Father is expected to match Second Gen. who fulfill the same qualifications as the last two matchings he has done.

First Generation matched couples and previously married couples will be Blessed. Please start preparing. If you are single and eligible for matching, start preparing now...the sooner the better.

Second Generation that have been matched by their parents can be Blessed in this ceremony.

3. Parents can continue to match their children. There has been no change to this providence, although you may have heard rumors that there was.

Based on all of this I hope everyone will begin to seriously prepare for these events if you are personally involved. If you are not, then please prepare for any support you can give to those who are. This is a great time to be alive. It is also a fearful time and so we must be prayerful and serious as well.

First Generation members who are single need support finding and preparing for matching and Blessing.

Second Generation need to similarly prepare, whether they will be matched by True Parents or their own parents. Not only must everyone prepare spiritually, but there are physical considerations like the Blessing Fee, transportation, wedding dresses, and much more.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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