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Prayer Ministry and Special Needs Ministries Are Becoming Active

Jim Stephens
February 16, 2005

Hi everyone,

Some quick news:

Prayer Ministry:

Tonight we launched the Email List for the Prayer Ministry.

If you want to join the list or you know any friends who would also like to receive news from the Prayer Ministry, have them go to the following webpage and signup.

Many things will be happening soon with this ministry. Angelika has lots of plans and is moving forward.

Already there was one conference call.

Also, according to True Father's speech at the Coronation Ceremony on True Parents' Birthday, a lot of major changes are going to be taking place in the world. It is very important that we all take into account the Spirit World in all that we do.

Special Needs Ministry:

Fran Ichijo has been working hard for the Special Needs families. They are planning and thinking about arranging pictures and profiles of those who would like to be matched and blessed by their parents.

There is going to be a get-together in March in NJ in cooperation with Beatrice Bell and other special needs families there. They will have a potluck and share and Fran will present a power point on special needs ministry. Together they can help our kids achieve their best potential.

Their vision is where we can have a local organization in each region to address our Special Needs Familes and work together. NJ is a start.

God bless you,
Jim and Hiromi Stephens

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