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Thoughts From Prayer - True Fatherís Gift to God

Jim Stephens
January 22, 2005

True Fatherís Gift to God

I just wanted to share with you an inspiration that I had in prayer the other day.

Several people have expressed concern to me, and I have felt it myself, for the many BCís that are not eligible to be matched by Father at this time.

Some of them must certainly be experiencing the proverbial "lack of love" feelings because Father has set such strong qualifications of purity as the requirements to attend his direct matchings. What will happen to the rest of the BCís? Is he never going to match them? I have also heard some others wondering if Father is setting up "first class" and "second class" Blessed Children.

In my prayer I asked God if He loved the BCís who have made mistakes any less than those that remained the most pure.

The answer was that He loves them the same.

We in the First Generation should know better than anyone about Godís love. After all, we First Gen. know how much God has loved us, in spite of the fact that we committed hundreds of times the mistakes that the Second Gen. have committed. How much did God and True Father take care of us and love us after they claimed us from the fallen world?

All of us First Gen. were claimed out of Satanís fallen lineage. None of us were ever pure.

Through the Blessing and Godís grace we were forgiven of the Original sin and then separated from the fallen lineage and our children could be born sinless. They are like re-created Adams and Eves.

I began to really think about Heavenly Fatherís course from the beginning of creation. Didn't He long, like any parent would, to see the Wedding Day of His precious and pure children? Ö and even His precious original and pure grandchildren getting married?

True Father, always thinking of God, just wants to offer to Him the most incredible gift possibleÖ.the Wedding Day for His grandchildren.

I think this is what Father is talking about when we read in the memo "in the form in which Blessings would have been held in the original-world without the fall."

What a wonderful gift for our Heavenly Father!

This is something that Heavenly Father has longed for since the beginning of creationÖ.a big wedding day with no taint from the sinful world.

In that original world, the minds and hearts of the boy and girl would have been only pure and innocent. They would never have gone on a date, never have hugged or touched or kissed or partnered off with someone of the opposite sex. Because we live in this fallen world, we seldom think about what it should have been like according to Godís original plan. We do our best, but sometimes forget who we really are and what we are supposed to be like.

If you could, wouldn't you want to give a gift to God like this Blessing day? Try to imagine His joy and happiness on such a day. Most of us haven't married off our children yet, but deep inside we have a longing to see the wedding day of our grandchildren.

Letís not give in to feelings of "lack of love". Everyoneís time will come. Letís just feel joy and happiness for God. Also letís pledge to do our best from now on to make God really proud of us. Letís not disappoint Him. Letís hold on to the ideal. Letís rededicate ourselves to becoming the true people and true families that Heavenly Father sees in us.

Jim Stephens

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